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Autistic Memory and Prayer

We autistics tend to have a really amazing memory. I have said before that friends would joke that Wikipedia would check with me first. Obviously, that’s not true. However, it does point to the autistic tendency to a very exhaustive, almost photographic memory. I asked myself how this relates to prayer. I decided to record […]


Hyposensitivity in Autistics

Part of the diagnostic criteria for autism is sensory irregularities. This can be hypersensitivity and hyposensitivity. In autistic discussions online, I see a lot of discussion about hypersensitivity but I hope I can add something regarding hyposensitivity or where we are less sensitive to sensory input. This is less spiritual and religious than most of […]

Adaptive First Communion unboxing title screen

Adaptive First Communion Preparation Kit Unboxing

Before I spoke about if autistic children should receive first Communion. They should, in case you missed that post. One family in New Jersey, the Rizzos, went even further and developed a program to help with autistic kids seeking first Communion. Several months back, I was at a conference and they gave me a copy […]

Police with DNA swab exhibit

The Privacy Concerns Over Recent DNA Criminal Cases

A string of recent cold cases have been solved by DNA. However, these cases are different. Instead of having a suspect and asking him for a sample, or even running the sample against a government database, they are taking it to ancestry sites to find relatives and narrow down the search. At first glance, this […]

Empty pews

Dear National Catholic Reporter, Don’t Fudge Parish Numbers

Last week, the National Catholic Reporter came out with a story about a parish they see as a model parish. However, the story exaggerated the parish reach and it misunderstood the sacrament of orders. St. William Catholic Church is a parish in Louisville run by a layperson. The archdiocesan website lists a lay “Pastoral Administrator,” […]

Detail from the cover of Can a Scientist Believe in Miracles? (fair use)

Decent Answers to Faith and Science

Ian Hutchinson recently wrote, Can a Scientist Believe in Miracles?: An MIT Professor Answers Questions about God and Science. Most of the book is a set of questions and answers he’s taken up in various presentations on faith and science. Having read his book, I find most of it is good but a few of […]

Detail from cover of Disabling Mission, Enabling Witness (fair use)

Disability Should Be Part of Christian Witness

Benjamin T. Conner recently wrote an interesting book trying mission and disability studies together. It attempts to show the disabled as part of the mission and the mission as involving and directed towards the disabled. In an interview, I said some similar lines specifically about autism: “Autism is part of the peripheries. We often think […]

Woman in a wheelchair at the 2017 March for Life (my photo)

Why the Pro-Life & Disability Rights Movements Should Cooperate

I wrote up on why the pro-life and disability rights movements should work together as I think that there are common principles. Today, it was published in America. When I read about disability rights advocates who accept or silently condone abortion, or when I look at pro-life materials and find almost nothing on the disabled, […]

Young man lighting candle (pixabay CC0)

Key Quotes from Christus Vivit

With Pope Francis issuing a letter to young people as after the synod on youth, we have an opportunity to reflect on what the Pope is saying to youth. As I read it, I pulled out some quotes and summarized other parts to hopefully give you a nice summary. Introduction Pope Francis begins “Christ is […]

Fr. Chad Zielinski preaching as an air force chaplain (CC0 government photo)

Let’s Bring Back Parish Missions on Contraception

Following the post I made recently on explaining contraception, I follow up with one way I think that we can do this effectively. In the past, pastors would often ask visiting preachers to talk about the tough moral issues during parish missions. I see no reason not to return to some aspects of parish missions. […]