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Lab workers in the Bandung BioFarma facility in Indonesia examine vaccine vials

My Interview in Crux on Vaccine Ethics

As I have been one of the most outspoken Catholic voices on the ethics of COVID vaccines, Charlie Camosy of Crux interviewed me on it. I cover multiple related topics in the interview. These include motivations, principles, applying principles to Moderna and Pfizer, other vaccines, and other cooperation in evil. Those topics make up the […]

Covid vaccine and test

Scientific Errors Lead to Moral Errors Re: Vaccines (3/3 on Fr. Ripperger)

This is the third and final post on Fr. Ripperger and vaccines in his podcast interview. The first focused on his problem with failing to identify the object of most vaccination as immunization. The second focused on his bad argument that fetal cell lines are continual theft. Both had issues with bad science and bad […]

Not theft illustration

Fetal Cell Lines Are Not Continual Theft From the Fetus (2/3 on Fr. Ripperger)

This is the second in a three-part series analyzing Fr. Chad Ripperger on COVID-19 vaccines. If you have not read the first one, it might be good to review it. I base these posts on a podcast interview on Sensus Fidelium where he lays out bad information repeatedly. This post will focus on the argument that vaccines […]

Vaccine sign

Fr. Ripperger: Almost All Vaccines Are Illicit in Their Object 1/3

Yes, you read that right. Fr. Ripperger said only a certain type of vaccines are licit in the object and the vast majority have never had one of those vaccines so he’s saying every vaccine most of us have taken is illicit in its object. After I reviewed the video of Fr. Dave Nix, people […]

Man with a tin foil hat

Catholics, Promoting Conspiracy Theories Harms Our Cause

Our goal as Catholics is to share Jesus’ message with the whole world. A big part of this message comes down to credibility. We know the faith is true, but that is not the only aspect of persuasion. If we are credible people beyond faith, then others are far more likely to accept our messages. […]

Genetic Testing Vector Graphic

Requiring Genetic Tests Violates Fundamental Human Rights

This is an old article of mine about genetic privacy from 2017. You can note my initial interest in the topic of privacy which in the 3.5 years since has become a big part of my doctoral thesis. I had posted it on ZENIT. With ZENIT suspending operations at the end of 2020, I fear […]

Graham's Hierarchy of Disagreement

Fr. Nix Is More Confused About Vaccines Than I Thought

A few days before Christmas, I posted a critique of Fr. Dave Nix’s video against COVID vaccines. I had gone line by line pointing out errors. In the time since then, several other things have come to light indicating Fr. Nix is even further confused on vaccines. This is dangerous stuff to be promoting as […]

Japanese scientist with vaccine vial

Errors in Fr. Dave Nix’s COVID Vaccine Video

There are unfortunately a lot of errors in Catholic circles on COVID vaccines. I have watched the start of several long podcasts and given up when the experts had blatant factual inaccuracies or bad theology more than once. I don’t want to watch 1-3 hours of presenting random misinformation and parse the errors one by […]

Examples of less remote cooperation in evil

12 Things Less-Remote Cooperation in Evil Than COVID Vaccines

In recent days, several vaccines for COVID have reached the final approval process. The USCCB indicated that Catholics can morally take the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines. At least 28 other US bishops have issued concurring statements. There is a concern about remote material cooperation in evil. The USCCB notes it in their statement. However, some […]

Me wearing my "Autistic Catholic" shirt over my clerics.

Interview with Advice for Parents of Autistic Kids

This week, two different sites posted interviews with me. Earlier, I posted the interview on Profiles in Catholicism. Now, I have another interview with a site called Learn from Autistics. This is a website created by the mother of an autistic son where she seeks out ideas from adult autistics to help other parents of autistic children. […]