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Peter Singer at Fronteiras do Pensamento (fronteirs of thought) in Porto . Brazil Alegre 2013

Peter Singer: Eugenics Is Great! (YIKES!)

One insidious aspect of the culture of death is the idea we can kill “undesirable” or “unsuitable” people. Peter Singer has supported killing those who have yet to achieve suitability or who’ve lost it never to regain it. He just wrote a new piece with coauthors defending eugenics. Let me summarize, then note why Singer […]

Doctor and COIVD virus

Anti-Vaccine Catholics Break Moral Theology Principles

Basic moral theology indicates that we can, and in most cases should, use the vaccines against COVID. I have repeatedly shown how remote this is. One article showed how almost common every medicine (except Gas-X) has been tested on a fetal cell line, just like the two main COVID vaccines in the USA. Jose Trasancos […]

GDP Per Capita

Vaccines: 2 Moral Issues But Only 1 Discussed

While Catholics in the USA have been extremely concerned over a rather minor issue regarding COVID vaccines, another – probably larger – ethical issue in their regard has arisen. It is clear that Catholics can (& generally should) vaccinate against COVID. The concern is issues of rich countries not sharing with the poor. Let’s examine […]

Various vaccines in front of an American Flag

Comparing COVID Vaccine to Other Vaccines

For decades, Catholic ethicists have approved of several vaccines in the USA which have some connection to abortion. It is worth comparing these to COVID vaccines. I think that given they can ethically be used, a fortiori the main COVID vaccines can be used. I will compare them on various grounds. I focus on rubella […]

Tomatoes on the vine

Artificial food, sex and drugs give us an artificial high—and they’re getting in the way of our search for God

Back in 2019, I wrote a little reflection on organic spirituality in an artificial world. I discussed the whole relationship between how food sweet beyond what is natural, pornography that presents sexuality beyond what humans would naturally encounter, drugs, etc. all morph our perspective of the true good. They provide an unnaturally high level of dopamine […]

Anchors, Cross, Infinity and Heart tattooed on wrist

Autism Awareness Day on Good Friday

Today, we have two days seemingly in conflict. We commemorate the suffering and death of Our Lord. The secular world also has the annual world autism awareness day. I am a Christians first so obviously Good Friday is a focus but as I prayed today, I was struck by an odd connection to these two […]

Logo of Sovereign Military Order Temple of Jerusalem on a picture of St. Peter's Basilica

Issues with (Br) Alexis Bugnolo, Ordo Militaris & FromRome

Alexis Bugnolo runs FromRome, Ordo Militaris, and Scholasticum online. The first is meant to be a news site, the second to eventually be a religious order that militarily protects persecuted Christians and the third a university-level academic program. However, Alexis is not a brother as he claims. All three organizations also have significant issues. This […]

"Mama" with an unborn baby

Quantifying Cooperation in or Appropriation of Evil

Some Catholics have questions about COVID vaccines based on the very remote connection to abortion. Abortion is obviously a heinous crime and grave matter. We can never commit procured abortion, period. However, there is a huge difference between abortion the extremely remote cooperation in evil involved in vaccines. Moral theology is not strictly quantifiable and […]

Priest giving absolution

The Case of Hearing an Abusive Priest’s Confession

When I did my License in Theology, my thesis was 100 pages on when absolution should be deferred in confession. When a few months later there was a coloquim on clerical abuse not far away at Villanova, I prepared a presentation. It took large sections from my thesis, but was on a more specific case […]

First day of vaccination against Covid-19 in Spain, December 27, 2020

You Can Use the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine in Some Cases

Recently, the FDA approved the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine (emergency use authorization). This brings up the ethics of it for many Catholics. This is the third COVID vaccine approved by the FDA and it is different biologically and morally from the prior two. Morally, we should generally prefer the other two options available so far, […]