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St John Southworth

Francis & John Paul II: Holiness Over Numbers in Priestly Vocations

The big, but unsurprising, news today is that Pope Francis did not put a proposal for relaxing priestly celibacy in his document on the Amazon. Surely, allowing married men would have increased the number of priests. However, in his section on the priesthood, he focuses on holiness, not primarily on numbers. This harkens back to […]

Superb Owl Sunday

How to Change the Super Bowl Halftime Show

In the past few decades, the Super Bowl halftime show has often been inappropriate for kids. Realistically, some have been inappropriate for adults. From the “wardrobe malfunction” in 2004 to the reports of inappropriateness that I saw about this year’s show. Almost every year, I see a bunch of friends talk about how scandalous the […]

Healthcare doesn't kill people so it isn't healthcare

12 Amazing March for Life 2020 Signs & 7 Nice Baby Yoda MFL Signs

Thousands and thousands marched on Washington today to protect the right to life of the most vulnerable, the unborn. In recent years, I have gone and taken photos of the best signs but this year that was not possible. However, people were willing to share their great March for Life signs. There were many great […]

4 Seminarians walking

Discernment Continues in the Seminary

The purpose of discernment is action. The purpose of discerning if you are called to the priesthood is to either be set on the path of ordination or set on the path to marriage. Someone may ask whether all discernment should come before entering the Seminary. Recently, a story about those who had discerned out […]

Homeless man

Food, Shelter, and Clothing are Basic Human Rights

I am surprised how adamantly some Catholics deny that life’s necessities are human rights. However, the overwhelming evidence from the Magisterium is that things like food, water, clothing, and shelter are basic human rights. We cannot deny these from anyone. We cannot leave the poor without these things. I want to go over a few […]

Autistic Christian (own work)

Christians Should Embrace Neurodiversity

I am an autistic priest. When I was first diagnosed with autism as a priest, my superiors gave me a choice regarding how public I wanted to be about being diagnosed. One point always resonates with me when I think about being autistic. Not long after I told my local religious community, one of the […]

Sunday Will Never Be the Same - Dawn Eden Cover (book cover - fair use)

Dawn Eden Gives an Original Testimony

Today, it’s scary how anti-Semitism sometimes reawakens. I really don’t understand it. What is the problem that someone else’s ancestors were worshiping the true God back when my German, Scottish, and Irish ancestors were worshiping trees or ancient warriors as if they were gods? In such an environment, I’ve had to defend a fellow Catholic […]

Happy autistic boy

Fr. Dominic Valanmanal, Please Stop Attacking Autistics UPDATED

Fr. Dominic Valanmanal is at it again. This priest compared us autistics to animals and blamed our existence on our parents’ sins. This priest is back at it offering counseling to families with autistics in them. This is problematic as he clearly misunderstands autism. I already covered why sin does not cause autism in relation […]

Stone Skull

Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll Are a Path to Death Not Freedom

Recently, the pornographic actress Jessica Redding was found dead at 43. It made me reflect as I remembered hearing that “rock star” was the job with the lowest life expectancy. I remember when we were in middle school rebellion and thought Kurt Cobain was the greatest musician ever, only to find out a few months […]


Clarity in Catholic Tradition on the Morality of Homosexual Acts

Some people might be confused about church teaching on the morality of homosexual acts. We need charity towards persons with such tendencies but we also need to note that certain behaviors are immoral. The National Catholic Register published this piece where I go over the Catholic teaching on homosexuality from tradition: Recently, a citation from […]