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Autistic Christian (own work)

Christians Should Embrace Neurodiversity

I am an autistic priest. When I was first diagnosed with autism as a priest, my superiors gave me a choice regarding how public I wanted to be about being diagnosed. One point always resonates with me when I think about being autistic. Not long after I told my local religious community, one of the […]

Sunday Will Never Be the Same - Dawn Eden Cover (book cover - fair use)

Dawn Eden Gives an Original Testimony

Today, it’s scary how anti-Semitism sometimes reawakens. I really don’t understand it. What is the problem that someone else’s ancestors were worshiping the true God back when my German, Scottish, and Irish ancestors were worshiping trees or ancient warriors as if they were gods? In such an environment, I’ve had to defend a fellow Catholic […]

Happy autistic boy

Fr. Dominic Valanmanal, Please Stop Attacking Autistics UPDATED

Fr. Dominic Valanmanal is at it again. This priest compared us autistics to animals and blamed our existence on our parents’ sins. This priest is back at it offering counseling to families with autistics in them. This is problematic as he clearly misunderstands autism. I already covered why sin does not cause autism in relation […]

Stone Skull

Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll Are a Path to Death Not Freedom

Recently, the pornographic actress Jessica Redding was found dead at 43. It made me reflect as I remembered hearing that “rock star” was the job with the lowest life expectancy. I remember when we were in middle school rebellion and thought Kurt Cobain was the greatest musician ever, only to find out a few months […]


Clarity in Catholic Tradition on the Morality of Homosexual Acts

Some people might be confused about church teaching on the morality of homosexual acts. We need charity towards persons with such tendencies but we also need to note that certain behaviors are immoral. The National Catholic Register published this piece where I go over the Catholic teaching on homosexuality from tradition: Recently, a citation from […]

Entrevista con el Padre Matthew Schneider (title slide - fair use)

Entrevista con un sacerdote autista, el P. Matthew Schneider, LC

[For my regular readers in English, this is an interview I gave in Spanish on video so unless you understand Spanish, it probably won’t help you.] Hace poco, hice una entrevista con Macoco Gamarra Espinola quien tiene un canal de YouTube sobre autismo de la perspectiva autista católica. Mi dió unas preguntas antes y las respondí. […]


A Guide to Helping Your Special Needs Child

A few months back I got Spiritually Able: A Parent’s Guide to Teaching the Faith to Children with Special Needs by David and Mercedes Rizzo. They gave me a personally signed copy at an event. The Rizzos, along with their non-autistic son, are the creators of the adaptive sacramental preparation kits, so I was interested. […]

A priest confessing with the autistic infinity symbol

Autistic Confession: Tips for Both Sides of the Screen

I recently wrote a piece on confession for autistics. I want to help both the individual autistic confess well and the priest to hear the confession well. My piece on the topic was recently published on Aleteia: [Autistics] make up 1.5% to 2% of the population. I’m one of that group. As awareness of autism grows, […]

ASL in American Sign Language

Christians, Please Call Us Autistic, Blind, and Deaf

When I have posted about autism, I occasionally have had an argument about terminology. I am autistic. Occasionally a concerned person will tell me that I should call myself someone “with autism.” I’d really prefer you use “autistic” (identity-first language) but can live with you using “with autism” (person-first language). Nobody diagnosed with autism spectrum […]

Autistic Sensory Issues at Mass title screen

Dealing with Autistic Sensory Issues at Mass

Following in my series of videos on autism and Catholicism, today I address issues surrounding Mass. The experience of Mass can be a horrible sensory experience for autistics. I want to present some ideas on how both autistics and parishes can overcome these issues. Autistics at Mass In the video, I talk about various ways […]