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Church door open with light streaming in

Prudence over Politics in Reopening Churches

On Wednesday, May 20, it came out that the bishops of Minnesota will open their Churches for liturgy despite a state order to the contrary. A few days later, the state of Minnesota relented and let churches open. Two days after the bishops defied the state order, Trump said governors should allow churches to reopen […]

Statute of St. Isidore in front of the National Library of Spain

St. Isidore of Seville is NOT the Official Patron of the Internet.

When I wrote on soon to be Blessed Carlo Acutis, I got the same reply from many. I titled my article, “Patron Saint of the Internet? Carlo Acutis to Be Beatified.” Many objected that Isidore of Seville was actually the patron saint of the Internet. That lead me down a rabbit hole to see if […]

"Disabled people for the Future" on sign

Welcoming Autistics at Mass (Podcast with Cincinnati Archdiocese)

A while back, I spoke about welcoming autistic individuals to Mass and religious education on a Podcast. The Archdiocese of Cincinnati Respect Life has a regular podcast about a wider perspective of pro-life issues. They invited me on the podcast to talk about how ordinary Catholics can welcome autistic individuals. We spoke about issues like […]

Carrots and onions in a basket

Organic Spirituality in an Artificial Spirituality World

Silence, listening to the voice of God, a personal encounter with the living God, deep prayer… Most of us say we want these, but does our spiritual environment produce them? Reflecting on how society twists our material desires makes me think about how it twists our spiritual desires. Recognizing the need to fulfill our natural […]

Picture of myself and the logo of the Counsel of Trent Podcast

Ministering to the Disabled on the Counsel of Trent Podcast

Earlier this week, Trent Horn had John Kraemer and me on his podcast to discuss ministering to the disabled. Trent Horn asked us about our experiences and how we thought the Catholic Church could better minister to the disabled. Here is the podcast (Google Play, iTunes, Stitcher, iHeart embedded): Here’s a little background on the […]

A couple holding hands dressed in wedding clothes

A Marriage Preparation or Enrichment Program Worth Considering

John and Claire Grabowski, One Body: A Program of Marriage Preparation and Enrichment for the New Evangelization (Steubenville, OH: Emmaus Road, 2018) John and Claire Grabowski recently wrote One Body aback in 2018. I had submitted a review someone said they’d publish soon, but since almost two years later it isn’t published, I’m posting it to […]

Boy holding candle

Helping Autistics Participate in the Liturgy

As I have noted several times before in this column, autistic individuals often have some difficulty participating in the liturgy. I think we can help autistics participate and live the liturgy. Recently, PrayTellBlog got in touch with me and asked me a few questions on autistic participation in the liturgy. They sent me some questions […]

Including autistics in worship and Small Groups title screen from video

Including Autistics in Worship and Small Groups

I was scheduled to give this talk at InclusionFest Live run by Key Ministry in the Cleveland area this April. But due to coronavirus, everything was shut down. I don’t like to leave things to the last minute – I’m not sure if that is an autistic trait or not – so I had already […]

Happy boy with Down syndrome in stroller

Pope Francis Condemns Eugenic Abortion, Again

Reading one paragraph of Pope Francis’s interview with Austen Ivereigh today, I was reminded of an article I posted before. I had posted Pope Francis Condemns Eugenic Abortions, as Pope Francis has repeatedly spoken about aborting the disabled. I that article, I quoted a stark comparison he gives: “the murder of children…to get a peaceful life an […]

Still from Bible Storytime with Fr. Matthew 1

Bible Storytime with Fr. Matthew: Reading the Passion for Kids

With most people in quarantine for Holy Week, I was seeing a bunch of initiatives to help various groups to live it. I noticed nothing for the age of most of my nephews and nieces so I decided to help them out. Since I was recording a video for three nephews and a niece, I […]