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Screenshot of St Michael the Archangel Facebook showing a comment identifying the priest as Tetherow (fair use)

The Limits of What a Church Can Do With a Misbehaving Priest: The Case of Fr. Tetherow

Fr. Virgil Bradley Tetherow was forbidden from saying Mass and removed from the clerical state. However, he was recently celebrating Mass in public, at a rogue chapel disconnected from the Catholic Church. This story obviously has some unpleasant details: I present them because I think the story shows us some lessons, not to be salacious. […]

Monk in doorway with CuriousCat logo (Photo: CC0 Aziz Acharki on Unsplash; logo: fair use)

Burning Questions about Catholicism: Theology Q&A on CuriousCat

People have asked me a bunch of theological questions online. I collected the best on my CuriousCat recently and am posting them here as a Q&A. This is the third in a series: the other two have been on prayer but this is theology. Hopefully, you enjoy these theological questions on laicization or defrocking, free will, fate, […]

finger to lips (CC0 Kristina Flour on Unsplash)

2 Anonymous Priests: Silence Regarding Priestly Misconduct Is a Problem

Too often, the modus operandi in the Church continues to be ignoring problems priests have. So often we look at them and assume as long as they aren’t minors or major PR disasters, we can ignore them. This silence is a disaster! When we ignore serious misconduct in other spheres, we keep these priests from […]

Hands praying over Bible (Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash CC0, Logo by CuriousCat FairUse)

Spiritual Direction, Scruples, Vocation, Confession, etc. (Spiritual Situations Q&A on CuriousCat)

A few weeks ago, I published an intro to the spiritual life Q&A based on questions via my CuriousCat. Well, I promised a follow-up about specific situations in the spiritual life. Here it is. I doubt every question applies to every person but scroll through the questions to see if any fit you and share with […]

Fantasy portal (CC0 via Pixabay)

Atheists Trolled Me for 5 Days, So I Learned Their Strategies

Two weeks ago, I posted a version of the popular meme-like format of “Don’t say it.” It pointed out the logical inconsistencies of atheists online. [Sees Atheists memes online] My brain: Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Don’t say it Me: It takes […]

Picture from the tweet of Virginia (@GloryslyDifrent)

Family Advent Traditions (via Twitter)

On Twitter, I asked for people’s Advent traditions. Here are some of the best responses. What are people’s advent traditions? How do you share this season as a family? (Disclosure: these may be compiled into an article.) — Fr. Matthew P. Schneider, LC (@FrMatthewLC) November 28, 2018 My family wasn’t big on Advent traditions. We […]

The panelists being introduced. They are (L to R): J. D. FLynn, ELizabeth Bruenig, Christopher White, and Ross Douthat (my photo)

Elizabeth Bruenig: Tell the Whole Truth to End the Crisis

Last Monday afternoon (November 19) featured a panel of four top Journalists at Catholic University talking about the current crisis in the Church. Ross Douthat (New York Times) moderated Christopher White (Crux), Elizabeth Bruenig (Washington Post), and J. D. Flynn (Catholic News Agency). Bruenig: “Just Tell the Truth” Elizabeth Bruenig had the most powerful line, […]

Praying Hnads (Photo by Ben White on Unsplash CC0)

Starting a Christian Spiritual Life: Q&A with Fr. Matthew, LC

I’ve had a CuriousCat account most of 2018 and I sometimes get asked interesting questions. I set it up for complex or personal questions as the service allows people to submit questions anonymously. However, I got a bunch of spiritual basics too. Here are my responses to some questions of spiritual basics from CuriousCat. Originally, […]

Thomas More with Leo X, Julius II, Clement VII and Alexander VI (all public domain via Wikimedia)

What Popes Did Saint Thomas More Die For?

Sometimes we might see corruption in the Church: often we hear accusations but we don’t know if they are true. Where can we look for how to act? May I suggest St. Thomas More. We all probably know that St. Thomas More died for refusing to sign the Oath of Supremacy, which incorrectly declared the […]

Confessional (Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash)

Ideas for Increasing Confession (from Twitter)

Recently, several prominent Catholics have been tweeting about confession on Twitter. The consensus seems to be that Catholics frequent this sacrament less than they should. I want to not only present the problems but offer solutions. First the stats, How often Catholics in the U.S. go to confession: 2% once a month or more 12% several times […]