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Key Quotes from Christus Vivit

With Pope Francis issuing a letter to young people as after the synod on youth, we have an opportunity to reflect on what the Pope is saying to youth. As I read it, I pulled out some quotes and summarized other parts to hopefully give you a nice summary. Introduction Pope Francis begins “Christ is […]

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Let’s Bring Back Parish Missions on Contraception

Following the post I made recently on explaining contraception, I follow up with one way I think that we can do this effectively. In the past, pastors would often ask visiting preachers to talk about the tough moral issues during parish missions. I see no reason not to return to some aspects of parish missions. […]


We Need to Explain Why Contraception Is Immoral

This is possibly the most confusing Catholic teaching. I point out how even historically we have failed to explain it, followed by a discussion of some good arguments against it. I take my three principle arguments from a thick book on the topic by Dr. Janet Smith. I doubt all who need to understand will […]


Autistic Children Should Receive First Communion!

Some people don’t know this, but the Vatican and US bishops are very clear that autistic and other developmentally delayed children can receive Communion. Being autistic is definitely not an obstacle to the Eucharist. Below is a transcript of the video above. Introduction A few weeks that a priest-friend of mine sent me a note from […]

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We Are Never Lost (Homily on the Woman Caught in Adultery)

This month, I was asked to prepare the homilies for a priest’s publication, Homiletic and Pastoral Review. For my readers, I will post the model text each week. Here’s the one for this Sunday on the Gospel of the woman caught in adultery. (As a note, some parishes will read the raising of Lazarus – […]


Amoris Laetitia: A Complete Guide for Chapter VIII on Communion

Ever since Amoris Laetitia came out, there has been confusion about how to interpret chapter 8. I have written extensively on this document and with the second half of my more academic take came out this week, I think it is time to put together everything I’ve written for a complete guide. This guide will […]

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15 Last Minute Ideas for Lenten Sacrifices (from Twitter)

All of us adult Catholics probably now have a habit of giving up something for Lent or doing something extra to grow spiritually. We should offer a little sacrifice to unite ourselves with Jesus and to prepare for Holy Week. Some people have the same thing they give up every year but those of us […]


Bold New Catholic T-Shirts & Mugs (Launching a RedBubble Store)

As I have written online things, a few times I’ve had ideas for interesting shirts, mugs, etc. Recently, I decided to put some of these into action and opened up a Redbubble store where you can buy these items. All are available on a wide variety of products. I will explain each of the five […]

Concelebrants with Pope Benedict XVI at the mass to open the year of faith

Open Letter to Priests and Bishops: Resign If You Need to

Dear fellow clerics and religious in Christ, I know that most of you are hard-working and striving for holiness like I am. Most of us have our little sins we strive to conquer but sometimes fail. Maybe even a few among us are saints, although I doubt I am. Every day, we pray and we […]

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Amoris Laetitia: Communion for the Divorced & Remarried?

Those of you who follow me, may have noted that I have taken a clear stance on Amoris Laetitia. Today, the first half of my more academic take on the topic came out. This is one of the most complete explanations of chapter VIII to date. The document does not allow Communion for the Divorced […]