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Priest celebrating extraordinary form

Why Such a Focus on Extraordinary Form in Catholic Media and Online Discussion?

I think the extraordinary form Latin Mass is good and can help some to have a deeper relationship with Jesus. I wonder about how much attention we give it in online discussion though. I wrote about this on FrMatthewLC.com: This post is not set to give a definitive answer to the question. Instead, my intention […]

Man Reading a Bible

Catholic Media: Fides Quarens Rem Publicam

I wrote a piece over on FrMatthewLC.com about how Catholic media needs to start with being Catholic, with faith: Catholic media is part of the Church. It is often where those both inside and outside the Church get their information. This media tells what is happening in the Church and/or what the Catholic view about […]

3 signs at March for Life 2022

21 of the Most Dynamic Signs at March For Life 2022

The March for Life 2022 happened today and people had plenty of amazing signs. I tried to filter through all of them on the ground for some amazing original signs. Over on FrMatthewLC.com, I posted 21 amazing signs. I have 3 above in an image sized to optimize for Facebook and Twitter link previews about […]

Conscience and Law, detail from the Justicia sculpture on the courthouse in Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany

Distinguishing Between Religious and Conscience Exceptions.

I think this has been important for a while. The vaccine issues have made this even bigger, so I posted it over on FrMatthewLC.com: We need to distinguish between religious and conscience exceptions. They have been confused in the debate about exemptions from vaccine requirements. I think even a brief examination would find this equivocation […]

Fetal Cell Lines ≠ Aborted Baby Parts

In the discussion around vaccines tested on fetal cell lines there is what appears to be a small matter of terminology but actually points to a significant difference both ontologically and morally. This is the distinction between cells from a fetal cell line and fetal cells. Fetal cells can often be termed as aborted baby […]

Squire Talks Podcast logo

Raising Kids with Learning Disabilities: Podcast with Sr. Josephine

In Spring 2021, I recorded an interview with Sr. Josephine Garrett, CSFN, primarily for the families at the school where she ministers on helping kids with learning differences at home and at school. Now a few months later, she has turned this into a podcast. I figure some of you might be interested so I’m […]

Palazzo del Sant'Uffizio (seat of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith)

Fetal Cell Line Testing & Church Teaching

Despite claims to the contrary from some circles, the Church has never taught that medicine being tested on fetal cell lines is a significant enough moral issue to skip that medicine. I wrote this up in a semi-academic piece that covers a lot of details but I want to offer a summary for readers here. […]

Me, my three sisters, and my oldest nephew immediately following my ordination

Talking About Autism and My Early Life on a Podcast

I’ve done a bunch of podcasts on being autistic or how the Church can reach out to autistics. I recently spoke with John Aidan Byrne on his podcast Dig Life Deep! Most of the stuff about autism was pretty similar to other podcasts but we talked a little more about my family and my background in […]

Cover of I Believe in You by Luca Badetti

Relationality in Disability Ministry in I Believe in You

Luca Badetti, the director of community life at L’Arche in Chicago, recently wrote a book talking about how disabled and non-disabled people can learn love from each other. New City Press published I Believe in You: Wisdom from community with persons with disabilities on believing in ourselves and the other. I think this book is […]

What to Say and How to Say it Title

Brandon Vogt on Defending the Church Wisely

As I started getting big online years ago, a bunch of people recommended How to Defend the Faith Without Raising Your Voice by Austen Ivereigh. It provided a kind of how-to manual for both discussing the kerygma and hot button issues where many object to Catholic teaching. As I was recently sent What to Say […]