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DNA Molecular model

Good News: First State DNA Privacy Law

As I might have mentioned before, I’m currently writing a doctoral thesis on the Catholic approach to privacy. What lead me to this was concerns about genetic privacy in things like employment and insurance. Right now, there are limited laws in the USA, where the Americans with Disabilities Act functionally makes DNA testing for employment […]

Person in hospice

COVID Isn’t an Excuse to Let the Disabled Die

In both the US and UK in recent weeks, disabled people have been denied care for COVID. This is pure ableism (discrimination based on disabilities). The disabled deserve equal care to others. In the UK, they are putting DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) orders on people; while in the USA, a disabled man with COVID was […]

Coronavirus and cell phone on digital background

Enable Bluetooth Coronavirus Tracing

I’ve seen a number of posts of people freaking out on social media telling everyone to disable COVID-19 notifications. I want to encourage you instead to make sure they are turned on. I also want to encourage you to download the tracing app once available. I even want to encourage states to make one. The main […]

Eye with digital information

Deepfakes Create Many Moral Messes

Deepfakes are a new technology where a person’s face is taken from stills or video and put onto some other video making it appear like they did whatever is in the subsequent video. Such videos are quickly becoming indistinguishable from real videos. I want to take a summary of deepfakes – the technology and the […]

Church Door Locked

Why is Public Mass Suspended? 4 Case Studies Show Why

If anyone still questions why Catholic churches have suspended public Masses? It’s because we love our fellow Catholics and don’t want to expose them to likely danger. Here are four examples of how that can happen at churches or similar. None of us priests are happy with the situation and wish we could celebrate public […]

Empty Pockets

How Parishes Can Avoid Laying Off Staff

With public worship and gathering of large groups suspended, many Catholic parishes and other charities or apostolates are feeling the pinch. Donations are down, so looking ahead they are unlikely to make payroll and thus have to lay off employees. However, it looks like 501(c)3 corporations (the legal status of most parishes & Catholic apostolates) […]

Pills & Bottle

Priest-Microbiologist on COVID-19: Possible Treatment & Metaphysics

I have found a lot of the reporting both on the effects and possible treatment fro COVID-19 can be hyperbolic. I found one expert in microbiology posting reasoned answers on Facebook that I think are worth sharing here. Fr. Nicanor posted two things worth discussing: possible treatment and metaphysics of viruses. Fr. Nicanor Austriaco, OP, […]

St. Aloysius in Jackson, NJ

Non-Verbal Autistic Child Denied Communion: Some Lessons (Updated)

Earlier this week a non-verbal autistic child was denied registration for First Communion at a parish in New Jersey. Now the story has exploded in the media. I saw the post early & decided to post a general prayer petition on my page, while messaging the family offering to be a kind of mediator. At that […]

FIngerprints under a magnifying glass

Pew: Americans Abandon Genetic Privacy by a 3:2 Margin

Genetic privacy is one of the key moral issues in the public sphere over the coming decades. Who can collect my DNA, how is it stored and how is it used, including its use for relative identification? A recent Pew study found many more Americans are willing to give up privacy in this regard than […]

Magnifying Glass Over Digital ID Fingerprint (CC0 pxfuel)

Fingerprint Scan & Facial Recognition to Enter a Church in China

I’ve previously written thrice on the moral implications of facial recognition on our privacy. This technology can easily grant governments or corporations undue intrusion into your life. In the USA, we don’t have to worry too much. We think of it in terms of meeting people with irregular political views or a policeman using it […]