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FIngerprints under a magnifying glass

Pew: Americans Abandon Genetic Privacy by a 3:2 Margin

Genetic privacy is one of the key moral issues in the public sphere over the coming decades. Who can collect my DNA, how is it stored and how is it used, including its use for relative identification? A recent Pew study found many more Americans are willing to give up privacy in this regard than […]

Magnifying Glass Over Digital ID Fingerprint (CC0 pxfuel)

Fingerprint Scan & Facial Recognition to Enter a Church in China

I’ve previously written thrice on the moral implications of facial recognition on our privacy. This technology can easily grant governments or corporations undue intrusion into your life. In the USA, we don’t have to worry too much. We think of it in terms of meeting people with irregular political views or a policeman using it […]

Facial Recognition Concept

Facial Recognition: How Much Privacy is Just?

Facial recognition is widely becoming available. The question of how this should be used comes up immediately. China and the EU are going opposite directions with it: China fully embracing it while the EU holds off while it is studied. The USA and other developed nations are somewhere in the middle. We need to help […]

DNA with rainbow colors behind

Aborting Babies Because They’re Gay: Coming Soon to China

New scientific discoveries mean that parents can do some selection regarding the sexual orientation of their children. They can determine a little bit about the probability their child will be homosexual and abort if they don’t like those odds. It seems that sexual orientation has certain genetic factors but is not determined. I think this […]

Pope Francis Preaching in Madison Square Garden, September 25, 2015

Francis: Evangelize by Example, not Pushing Your Faith on Others

Recently, Pope Francis answered questions from high school students and suggested they convert non-Catholics through their authenticity and example. In so explaining, he suggested they don’t push their faith on unbelieving students. This is generally a good, practical strategy. Unfortunately, some misread what he said. They read it just as not doing the latter without […]

Man holding baby

USCCB Should Propose Paid Maternity Leave

The other day, a friend noted on Twitter that his wife was not granted paid maternity leave by her employer, the Catholic Church. He noted that he made enough for her to take unpaid maternity. This led me to look into what the US Bishops have proposed regarding maternity leave. Now, I want to share […]

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CBS Treats Eugenic Dating as Advancement

This week, the CBS News Program, 60 Minutes featured a report on George Church, a cutting edge genetic scientist. Some of the things he mentioned seemed good but others seemed to be eugenic and only obtainable by unethical means. Let me cite that section of the report and give some reflection. 60 Minutes on Eugenic […]

Pope Francis with children at the Malacañan Palace January 16, 2015

Pope Francis: The Disabled Can Be Ministers, Not Just Ministered To

Yesterday, Pope Francis gave a message for the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. He exhorted the Christian faithful to better accept those of us who struggle with such realities. He wants us to be recognized, to be accompanied, to not be discriminated against, and to be involved as ministers, not just those ministered too. Here […]

Pennsylvania State Capitol

Pennsylvania Politicians Divided Over Aborting the Disabled

In the past few days, it has been reported that the Pennsylvania House and Senate have both approved a bill to make abortion due to a Down Syndrome diagnosis illegal. However, the Governor, Tom Wolf vetoed the bill rather quickly. Thus, in Pennsylvania, you can still abort due to disability. I want to give the […]

Bread and Wine representing the Eucharist

2 Priests & a Deacon Explain Why We Might Deny Communion

This weekend, Joe Biden was denied Communion in a parish in South Carolina. Although denying Communion is a rare occurrence, denying Communion is sometimes necessary if the person blatantly promotes something, like legal abortion, gravely contrary to Catholic teaching. I want to cite several people who gave excellent explanations about why this is so. In […]