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What Is It Like Being an Autistic Priest?

I am an autistic priest. It is the only life I know. However, being both autistic and a Catholic priest is not the most obvious combo for most people. Since I have made my diagnosis public about a month ago I have given 4 interviews. Hopefully, citing three here will help you understand how I […]


John Paul II Definitively Said “No!” to Female Priests

I posted an article over on the National Catholic Register about whether women could be priests: Last week, La Croix carried a story about Sr. Ruth Schönenberger wanting female priests. She explains, “It is surely only natural for women to be priests and I cannot understand the reasons given as to why not.” Further, the Benedictine Prioress says, “Here […]

Pope Francis at Weekly General Audience in St. Peter's Square in Vatican City November 15, 2017 (Church of England and Wales CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Pope: Evangelize 1st by Example! Not “Don’t Convert Others”

On Sunday, Pope Francis spoke to the Christian minority in Morocco. He spoke of how we should lead others to Jesus primarily through example, through loving and encountering others. However, this was misunderstood by many inside and outside the Church as he compared this path of conversion to a negative form of proselytizing. I will […]

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New Stricter Vatican Child Protection Norms

This morning, the Vatican issued new norms which tighten rules on child protection. Three separate documents came out. These documents put stricter norms on clergy and lay people who work for the Vatican in Rome, or in papal nunciatures around the world. The Documents New Laws for the Vatican City State Vatican News Reports: The […]

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Texas Bill Protects Doctors’ & Lawyers’ Religious Liberty

Texas is currently considering Senate Bill 17. This bill is designed to allow religious liberty for those in state-licensed professions. It simply states that, in most cases, a license can’t be revoked for someone acting according to their beliefs. Let me quote the key parts of the bill, show two reactions, and finally give my own […]

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Arguments Against a Germ-Line Editing Moratorium Fail

Last week it came out that many scientists want a 5-year moratorium on gene-line editing. This means no editing DNA that might be passed down to your kids. However, a recent piece argued against this. I will dissect the arguments against this to point out why we should have a moratorium. Top Scientists Want a […]

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Saving Eggs before Blocking Puberty: Why “Transition” If Still Uncertain?

A recent report came out about a young woman who thinks she is a man so will be blocking puberty. However, her parents decided to wait until her first period before blocking puberty, and collect her eggs to freeze at that moment. I want to examine this and the moral consequences. The Details of Freezing […]


Diabetes Testing by 23andMe: Pros and Cons

23andMe recently added an option to test for your probability of getting diabetes. (Type-2 diabetes as that is by far the more common type to start in adulthood.) They are famous for the tests regarding which countries your DNA comes from. However, I want to examine if this is worth it. I examine problems both […]

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Assisted Suicide Passes Maryland House: A Danger for the Disabled & Elderly

Yesterday, the Maryland house of delegates passed a bill legalizing assisted suicide by 3 votes: 74-66. (71 needed for passage.) This bill has been presented 3 previous times and died in committee all of those times. I can’t understand how someone could be so set on killing others. I will summarize this bill then speak […]

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Anonymous Sperm Donors and Genetic Testing: A Moral Conundrum

IVF has always been an issue for Catholic morality. New DNA tests that help find relatives create a further problem: what happens regarding anonymous sperm donors used in IVF? If a service points to a relative, you can probably find out who the donor was. I will discuss three cases, quote practical problems from articles, […]