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Starbucks & Tumblr Banning Porn before Notre Dame

Yes, you read that right. All public forums and all Catholic institutes should ban porn. It is surprising that some secular businesses have gotten the message about the damage porn causes before some Catholic institutes. These are not businesses known for being particularly Christian either. I offer details of Starbucks, Tumblr, and Notre Dame, followed […]

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Science Didn’t Prove Adam & Eve or Noah’s Ark

A whole bunch of media reports seemed to imply some scientists proved Adam & Eve or Noah’s Ark. The headlines read, “Did a mysterious extinction event precede Adam and Eve?” (Fox), “All humans are descended from just TWO people and a catastrophic event almost wiped out ALL species 100,000 years ago” (Daily Mail), or “Turns […]

American street artist Shepard Fairey comes to London's east end. Brick Lane, 2007 (tim rich and lesley katon CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Twitter Newspeak: You Must Say “Caitlyn Jenner Won the Decathlon in 1976”

Twitter has just banned deadnaming and misgendering. This means you must call people by their preferred name and pronouns. You can’t refer to someone by what they were previously known as. As I posted on Twitter: In the new Twitter terms of service, you must say, “Caitlyn Jenner won the men’s decathlon at the 1976 Olympics.” […]

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection - Maurizio De Angelis/Wellcome Images CC by-nc-nd

UPDATED x2: Moral & Practical Problems with the 1st Gene-Edited Babies

Early this morning, there was a shocking announcement out of China. They performed gene editing on humans, and a woman had gotten pregnant with genetically edited babies. I want to note this, then discuss the moral and practical problems. AP carried the story as an exclusive: A Chinese researcher claims that he helped make the […]

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New Tests Allow “Screening” of Low-IQ Babies

A new company called Genomics Predictions now claims to be able to test IVF babies for low IQ. If the test shows your baby will likely have a low IQ, you can then let that baby die. We have seen how often tests for Down Syndrome have resulted in abortion, such as in Iceland. I […]

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Changes in Embryo Research May Lead to More Ethical Vaccines

Several vaccines, currently used in the USA, are grown or prepared using unethical means. These vaccines grow the viruses on cells descendant from aborted fetuses. Embryonic stem cell lines WI-38 and MRC-5 – used to grow vaccines – were derived from aborted babies long ago. This is far from ideal. Let’s review the morality of such vaccines, […]

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2/3 Pro-Life Ballot Initiatives Won Last Night

Three states had statewide pro-life ballot initiatives yesterday. Two passed and one lost in the election. Pro-Life Wins Alabama had the most sweeping initiative which won by a wide margin. As The Washington Times reported: (Emphasis added) Alabama’s Amendment 2 coasted to victory with 59 percent of the vote, inserting language to the state constitution to […]


Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI: Don’t Empty “Redemption” of Meaning

The Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI, published an article today under the title “Salvation: More Than a Cliché?” It was originally in a 2008 series of essays in German, which Ignatius Press is now publishing for the first time in English. In the article, Benedict explores the depth of terms like “salvation” or “redemption” for Christians. The […]

Pope Francis wearing Rainbow Cross (from Vatican News - Fair use as the article is about the cross)

Pope Francis Wearing a Rainbow Cross? It Isn’t What You Think✝️

This week Pope Francis wore a cross that had multiple colors on it that appear somewhat like a rainbow. Several traditional-minded Catholics posted it assuming it was in some way related to the LGBT pride flag. However, that is not the case. It is a symbol of Latin American Youth Ministry. Pope Francis Wears the […]

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What Does the Orthodox Split Mean?

This week, the Russian Orthodox Patriarch ceased Communion with the Ecumenical Patriarch in Constantinople. As this is the split between the two most important Orthodox Churches in the world, it is big news. Greater separation in the Church is also sad news. As many of us Catholics don’t think about Orthodoxy regularly, I want to […]