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Human Dignity for Vegetative Patients? Rape of a Vegetative Woman

As Catholics, we understand every human has a unique dignity. Society denies dignity in many cases. We have made strides in the pro-life movement to see the dignity of the unborn; however, I think we can grow a lot in understanding the dignity of the disabled. A recent story illustrates this need. A female patient […]

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Seminarian: Why I Want to Be a Priest Despite the Crisis

As the clerical sex abuse crisis continues to unfold. Each of us in ordained ministry needs to confront it. Our answers might be slightly different but they all need to return to what really matters. The local paper in Sandusky, Ohio carried the testimony of a local young man, Tyler Boyd, in the Priestly Discernment Program at Franciscan […]

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New York Times Criticizes the Contraceptive Mentality & More IUDs

I was surprised to see an article from the New York Times being negative about contraception. They don’t get the intrinsic problem with contraception but they see the eugenic problem when society uses contraception as a poverty cure. The new wave is pushing the IUD on poor women. The Wider Use of IUDs The Times […]

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Vatican Rules on Hysterectomies, Allowing Them in Specific Cases

The Vatican updated a ruling on the morality of hysterectomies today. 1993 Ruling on Hysterectomies The Vatican ruled in 1993 if a hysterectomy can be moral. It is moral “when there is a grave and present danger to the life or health of the mother.” On the other hand, it is immoral “insofar as they are methods […]

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The Pope Didn’t Deny the Immaculate Conception

It’s crazy what gets spread online today. One website was posting that Pope Francis denied the Immaculate Conception in his Christmas greetings to Vatican employees. Really? I will include their claim, explain why it’s wrong, point to the times Francis affirmed the Immaculate Conception, and conclude with a note on interpretation. The Claim of Denial […]

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A Different Story When a Bishop, Not a Priest, Is Accused (LA Auxiliary)

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles was aware of accusations against Auxiliary Bishop Alexander Salazar since 2005. The Vatican investigated around that time and decided to give him secret restrictions on his ministry. However, he was only barred from public ministry this week. How would have this case gone down were he a priest? It would have […]

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The Friendly Atheist is Factually Wrong about Catholicism & Contraception

A popular writer here at Patheos is Hemant Mehta, AKA the Friendly Atheist. Obviously, we often disagree. I understand that when he summarizes Catholic beliefs his summaries would be far from what I would write. However, in a recent column about a Catholic hospital aligning with Catholic teaching and no longer offering sterilization surgeries (Good […]

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Designer Babies Are Here: Let’s Not Kid Ourselves

This week, A Cecile JW Janssens, a professor of Epidemiology at Emory University, tried to argue that designer babies aren’t here and aren’t coming. Her article was published in The Conversation. I want to go over her article including her main arguments – environment and gene interactions – followed by the reality of genetic investigation and current […]

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Pope Francis: Our Father Should Say “Abandon Us Not When in Temptation”

The Our Father is a central Christian prayer. It is not originally in English but our English translation has changed over time. Last year, Pope Francis spoke about changing a translation currently used in Italian and English. The Italian bishops have proposed changing “lead us not into temptation” to “abandon us not when in temptation.” Many other […]


Starbucks & Tumblr Banning Porn before Notre Dame

Yes, you read that right. All public forums and all Catholic institutes should ban porn. It is surprising that some secular businesses have gotten the message about the damage porn causes before some Catholic institutes. These are not businesses known for being particularly Christian either. I offer details of Starbucks, Tumblr, and Notre Dame, followed […]