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Book Cover of Secrets by Bok (fair use)

The Secular Value of the Sacrament of Confession

As some of you may know, my current full-time responsibility is writing a doctoral thesis on the right to privacy. To this end, I have read a bunch of secular thinkers on what privacy means. Recently, I was reading Secrets: On the Ethics of Concealment and Revelation by Sissela Bok. She has a chapter on the […]

Catholic Medical Association logo

The Inconsistency of Moral Lines in Cooperation (Lincare Quarterly)

I just ran across a Licare Quarterly Editorial from February that cited me. I think Barbara Golder expands on what I said about remote cooperation and adds to it. So many make odd lines where they will not accept super-remote connection in a vaccine but accept far-less-remote cooperation for a far less key good than disease […]

Connecticut State Capitol building

Pro-Life & Disability Rights: Often on the Same Side but Not Always

I’ve written before about how disability rights groups and pro-life groups support human dignity in many of the same ways. There, I suggested that on issues like assisted suicide / euthanasia and abortion after prenatal diagnosis. A recent set of rallies in Connecticut, however, show how this can sometimes break down. Two Rallies in Connecticut […]

Monserrat Medina with her Deloitte Partners (from Religión en Libertad)

From Founding a Startup to Deloitte to the Convent

Montserrat Medina Martínez was an up-and-coming woman in Spanish business. Despite being only 36, she has gone from success to success professionally. With a scholarship from Stanford, she created a Silicon Valley startup that she later sold to Pay Pal for several million and despite her youth, she was signed as a Deloitte partner. Fame, money, international recognition… She […]

Say no to pornography

Defaulting to Filtering Pornography Is a Good Idea

Utah was in the news this week a new bill that requires all new devices come with internet filtering pre-installed. Adults would be allowed to remove these filters but minors could not. In the past, I had suggested similar ideas and this seems to definitely be a positive step. Unfortunately, the online pro-porn lobby does […]

Shen Jiawei with his Portrait of Pope Francis presented to His Holiness on 28 April 2014

Pope Francis’s Interreligious Speech in Iraq: Top Lines

This morning, Pope Francis gave a speech to an interreligious meeting on the plain of Ur. Abraham lived in Ur until God called him. The focus of the meeting seemed to be the three main religions that trace themselves back to Abraham – Jews, Christians, and Muslims. As I read it, a few lines jumped […]

Bishop Peter Kohlgraf October 14, 2018

Another German Bishop Denies Catholic Teaching on Homosexual Acts

Two years ago, I wrote a response when one German bishop denied Church teaching on homosexual acts. Then a year ago, I provided more clarity when a few US priests questioned this teaching. Now another German bishop is denying the 2000-year tradition of the Church. CNA asked me for some comment as an expert. I […]

Julian Fałat, Popielec (Ash Wednesday), 1881, showing ashes on the crown of the head was normal in Poland.

John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis All Did Ashes on the Crown

This Ash Wednesday, the distribution of the ashes will be a little different for Canada and the USA. Usually in our countries, the priest imposes them by making a cross on the forehead. However, this year, the Vatican suggested: “The Priest takes the ashes and sprinkles them on the head of each one without saying […]

DNR: Do Not Resuscitate

DNR Orders Forced on Those With Learning Disabilities

Back in April 2020, I reported on how DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) orders were put on people’s files without their permission or knowledge. This was an issue in the UK that seems to be continuing despite the outcry then. We need to fight this with all our might or slowly the disabled will be killed […]

No lethal injections

FREE Euthanasia for the Disabled in Canada

The Canadian government is proposing a law that will push euthanasia on the disabled. This is serious ableism and discrimination. I have repeatedly noted that approving euthanasia or assisted suicide is a slippery slope where society slowly decides more and more “undesirables” will be killed via these means. Canada has already had two particularly troublesome […]