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Saving Eggs before Blocking Puberty: Why “Transition” If Still Uncertain?

A recent report came out about a young woman who thinks she is a man so will be blocking puberty. However, her parents decided to wait until her first period before blocking puberty, and collect her eggs to freeze at that moment. I want to examine this and the moral consequences. The Details of Freezing […]


Diabetes Testing by 23andMe: Pros and Cons

23andMe recently added an option to test for your probability of getting diabetes. (Type-2 diabetes as that is by far the more common type to start in adulthood.) They are famous for the tests regarding which countries your DNA comes from. However, I want to examine if this is worth it. I examine problems both […]

Maryland State Capital (CC0 via Wikimedia)

Assisted Suicide Passes Maryland House: A Danger for the Disabled & Elderly

Yesterday, the Maryland house of delegates passed a bill legalizing assisted suicide by 3 votes: 74-66. (71 needed for passage.) This bill has been presented 3 previous times and died in committee all of those times. I can’t understand how someone could be so set on killing others. I will summarize this bill then speak […]

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Anonymous Sperm Donors and Genetic Testing: A Moral Conundrum

IVF has always been an issue for Catholic morality. New DNA tests that help find relatives create a further problem: what happens regarding anonymous sperm donors used in IVF? If a service points to a relative, you can probably find out who the donor was. I will discuss three cases, quote practical problems from articles, […]


“Hypocrites at Times? Yes!” Nigerian Sister to Abuse Summit

Sr. Veronica Openibo, of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus, gave an impassioned talk at the Vatican summit on sexual abuse of minors. I think a few of her points are worth sharing. If you want the whole text, Cindy Wooden of CNS posted it. The Mission of the Church Sr. Veronica begins with […]

Cover of The Kingdom (fair use)

One Page Doesn’t Ruin “The Kingdom” or Other Literature.

Earlier this year, Church Militant got up in arms about Franciscan University of Steubenville including The Kingdom by Emmanuel Carrère on its reading list. Stephen Lewis, the professor in question was demoted. Two arguments support the use of books like this: they are decent literature and reading some books you disagree with helps you grow intellectually. […]

St. John Nepomucene (painted by Jose Campeche in the Smithsonian AMerican Art Museum)

California Prepares to Make Martyrs of the Confessional

A new bill was just presented in California to force priests to reveal what is said in the confessional. The result of this law would be imprisoned, and possibly martyred priests. And it probably won’t stand up in court. I will explain the law, then go over why the seal of the confessional is inviolable, […]

McCarrick in 2008

McCarrick Laicized: The End of the Beginning

Today, Mr. Theodore McCarrick is no longer a cleric: he has no right to celebrate any of the sacraments and cannot present himself as a priest or bishop. This is the end of the road for him as far as what the Church can do. The recent scandal – based on episcopal misbehavior and a […]


Francis: Being Pro-Life Is the Foundation of Human Rights

This week, Francis spoke to Italian pro-life leaders. In his speech, he spoke about being pro-life as a prerequisite for being pro-justice, pro-human-rights, etc. Here are a few excerpts and my analysis. The Pro-Life Speech Some parts are from the Vatican News article and some are original translations of the original in Italian. Voluntarily extinguishing life in its […]

Book Cover of Issac Asimov Pebble in the Sky (RA.AZ CC BY 2.0

Sci-Fi from 1950 Foresaw Forced Euthanasia on Earth

Isaac Asimov wrote a sci-fi book called Pebble in the Sky in 1950. This book foresaw a future earth where humans struggled to feed everyone, so by law at age 60 everyone is euthanized. The story revolves around an investigator coming to earth and discovering a plot to rebel against “the civilization of the galaxy spread across 200 […]