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Painting by Anton Raphael Mengs called The Dream of St. Joseph

The Best Talk I’ve Ever Heard on St. Joseph: John Cavadini

As Pope Francis indicated the year of St. Joseph, I’ve been thinking a bit about how I can better live devotion to him. Every week, my community has an hour for spiritual formation together. This week, someone found a talk on St. Joseph by John C. Cavadini. Cavadini is the director of the McGrath Institute for […]

Lt. Cmdr. Michael Heimes checks on a patient connected to a ventilator at Baton Rouge General Mid City campus

Withdrawing Ventilators in Triage: A Catholic Approach

As you may know, I am currently writing a doctoral degree in moral theology. Another priest-friend of mine, Fr. Louis Melahn, LC, is doing the same, but in Rome. He and a few others have taken up the issue of what to do in the case there are insufficient ventilators in an ICU. As ICUs […]

Bishop from the back in a liturgical procession

Listen to YOUR Bishop

If your local bishop, the bishops’ conference, the Vatican, and moral theology principles from the Fathers & Doctors disagree whether an act is moral, discernment is in order. If all agree, or most agree & others are silent, we should listen. There is no way to go astray following the Church. This is all the […]

Coronavirus vaccine bottles

USCCB: Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine Is “An Act of Charity”

On Monday, the USCCB released a statement on the ethics of COVID vaccines. It noted both the good and the bad. Bishop Kevin Rhoades, chairman of the committee on doctrine, and Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann, chairman of the committee on pro-life activities, signed the statement. This indicates the two key areas in assessing any vaccine: moral […]

Man in black on two laptops who looks like he might be a hacker

Hack of Top Anti-Hacking Company Proves Online Privacy Doesn’t Exist

We all appreciate privacy. People sometimes use things like incognito mode to get better prices on flights or double-check to make sure things are encrypted before talking about sensitive subjects. (Some also use such means for illicit activities like viewing pornography. However, misuse does not imply the means is evil.) But a new hack indicates […]

1 dollar bills

Wage Theft in the Gig Economy

Wage theft has been a serious issue in the US, with a 2009 estimate putting it at $40-60 billion a year. This is about $120-$180 per person. As it is distributed overwhelmingly on certain people and often on the poorest, a person working around the poverty line in certain jobs might have $1000 or more […]

Pope Francis Celebrating the Eucharist on February 23, 2014

Pope Francis: Give Disabled the Sacraments

Pope Francis wants to make sure every Mass is accessible and people with disabilities can always receive the sacraments. International Day of Persons with Disabilities In 2019, for the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Pope Francis noted that we can be ministers not just ministered to. He said, “It is necessary to care for […]

Preacher at Igreja Batista Atitude, Brazil

Adult Autism Diagnosis Changes Ministry

As society becomes more aware of autism, many of us are being diagnosed as adults. As priests or ministers, this changes our ministry. I’ve spoken before about how this changed my ministry. Others, like Dr.Lamar Hedwick and the priest behind the AspiePriest blog, have talked about how an autism diagnosis changed their ministry. Last week, […]

The Counsel of Trent logo

Vaccines and Double Effect with Trent Horn

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being on Trent Horn’s podcast, the Council of Trent. We discussed some issues around the ethics of vaccines. The recent mRNA vaccines made by Pfizer and Moderna for COVID were a large part of the discussion as they have a very remote connection to abortion. We went over Catholic […]

The confession of the Giaour. Painting by Eugène Delacroix

A Deacon Discouraged a Dying Woman from Confessing

There have been different bad pastoral ideas. But I think recently I may have seen one of the worst. During COVID, a dying woman wanted to confess before she died. Then the Deacon attending her suggested she shouldn’t confess. What!?! Really, this unfortunate thing is reality. I now offer a translation of the piece with […]