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Eye contact is had for autistics

Greg Locke, Autism Is not Demonic

It is crazy what gets shared as “Christian” content. I keep running across people connecting autism and demons when that is just not true. Greg Locke is the latest. I wrote about him over on Pastor Greg Locke has made a number of controversial statements. Recently, he was claiming autism is demonic. This is […]

Card. Jean-Claude Hollerich at a summit in Spain on youth

The Church Cannot Change Teaching on Homosexuality (Hollerich Errs)

I wrote a piece over on in response to Card. Hollerich claiming the Church’s teaching on homosexuality is outdated. Hint: he does not understand it. Here is the start of it: Last week, another leader in the Church has suggested we should change our teaching on homosexuality. However, “should” implies there that the one […]

Pope Francis & Thomas Aquinas ( Nir Hason CC BY-SA 3.0 & CC BY-SA 4.0)

Aquinas: Some Sins Worse Than Sexual Sins

In response to people freaking out about Pope Francis, I examined what Aquinas said: This week, Pope Francis noted that sexual sins or sins of the flesh are not the worst kind of sins during an interview on a plane. There have been three mistaken reactions to this. First, many secular sources assumed he meant […]

St. Peter-in-Chains Cathedral, Cincinnati, OH

Ohio Dioceses Dealing with Closing Parishes

Recently, it’s been in the news that the Archdiocese of Cincinnati is starting a program to reduce the number of parishes. I wanted to share a little about what I saw working in the area about a decade ago, but it got just too long for a tweet or Facebook post. Cincinnati’s Announcement The Pillar […]

Clock and calendar for a meeting (CC0 pixabay)

A Timeline Those Now Critiquing My HEK293 Post Miss

I think a little timeline is helpful to understand how my post on how almost every medicine was tested on HEK-293 changed the argument. You can’t argue that based on your standard now, the standard I applied in January 2020 is inaccurate. I was applying the standard Catholics who are against getting COVID vaccines were […]

two vaccine vials on a document

Lying About Vaccines Is Sinful

Last year, I wrote a piece on lying to avoid mask mandates. I think it applies to two situations about vaccines. It is immoral to create fake vaccine cards and it is immoral to claim one reason for a vaccine exemption when you really want it for another reason. I will briefly note these two […]

Samson Remote Control Weapon System - a prior remote control gun used by Israel

Only 1 Step from Autonomous Warfare (& Privacy Concerns)

Israel recently killed a top Iranian nuclear scientist. On its own, that might be news, but wouldn’t be a focus of what I talk about. However, the AI-assisted smart gun using facial recognition brings up a whole bunch of moral issues. Let’s look at the story then briefly discuss both the privacy issue with facial […]

Arrows missing target

Missing the Point about Remote Cooperation / Appropriation

My piece from January, If Any Drug Tested on HEK-293 Is Immoral, Goodbye Modern Medicine, continues to be widely viewed, averaging over 1000 views a day in the past month. This has lead to several people writing critiques of the piece. However, most of the critiques miss the point. Two recent pieces (that came out […]

Doctor Thumbs up (CC0 pixabay)

Bridgeport: The Best Vaccine Mandate Instruction Yet

Various dioceses have issued statements about vaccine mandates that seem contradictory. I think many of the others have missed one side or the other of a two-part reality. First, the Church thinks vaccines should be voluntary and supports conscience exemptions. Second, there is no reason for a Catholic religious exemption and great good to be […]

Stained glass of the Ten Commandments from St. Joseph Church in Wapakoneta, Ohio

Did the Pope Say the Commandments are Relative?

Simple answer: no! The Pope did not say the Ten Commandments are relative. Complicated answer: let’s look at how an issue in translation and assuming the worst might lead someone to that idea. To do so, we’ll examine the Pope’s words, look at the differences in meaning between Italian and English, and finish with a […]