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Helping Out at a Special Needs Mass

A few weeks back I was visiting my family in Calgary and helped out with a special needs Mass. They call it “special needs,” as it can serve a few conditions but I can say that a large percent were autistic. This seems like a great initiative from the diocese and I hope other dioceses […]

Dr Leana Wen talking at the women's March in Baltimore on January 20, 2018

Planned Parenthood Reminds Us That Abortion Is What They Do

Dr. Leana Wen became the CEO of Planned Parenthood less than a year ago. This afternoon, the board met and kicked her out. She wanted to diversify the healthcare offerings of the abortion giant, but the board wanted to double-down on abortion. PP often claims that abortion is only 3% of what they do: this […]

Pope Francis in Korea in 2014

Defending Pope Francis as a “Conservative”

A few months back, The Catholic Herald asked me to interview about an article on “conservative” defenders of Pope Francis. I objected to using political labels like “conservative” and for Catholicism but I did the interview. (I have written before about why we should not use these labels.) Today the article was published and including […]

Happy Autistic Child

Autistics Should Be Welcome in Church (Re: Evensong at Cambridge)

Last Sunday, Dr. Paul Rimmer took his autistic son to Evensong at King’s College at Cambridge. They were asked to leave when his son made noise. Let me cover his letter and the apology then talk about autistic inclusion. Dr. Rimmer’s Letter The main point Dr. Rimmer makes is that Evensong, although a choral – not congregational […]


The Confusing Changing Results from DNA Ancestry Tests

As I’ve noted before, companies like 23andMe or AncestryDNA use probability not precise science to determine where your DNA is from. This is why different companies might give you different results. Despite this, in their promotions, they seem to promote its certainty. Recently an article on STAT pointed out a further issue about the psychological […]

Man made by DNA (CC0 pixabay)

New Chinese Law Makes Embryonic DNA-Editing Illegal

The world got a lot closer to preventing genetically edited babies, at least for the near future. I worried that China would be a place where this would happen as they have the resources and are trying to become a top tier country for innovation, not just manufacturing. However, China has just clarified that at […]

Profile picture for my "Autistic Priest" social media

What Is It Like Being an Autistic Priest?

I am an autistic priest. It is the only life I know. However, being both autistic and a Catholic priest is not the most obvious combo for most people. Since I have made my diagnosis public about a month ago I have given 4 interviews. Hopefully, citing three here will help you understand how I […]


John Paul II Definitively Said “No!” to Female Priests

I posted an article over on the National Catholic Register about whether women could be priests: Last week, La Croix carried a story about Sr. Ruth Schönenberger wanting female priests. She explains, “It is surely only natural for women to be priests and I cannot understand the reasons given as to why not.” Further, the Benedictine Prioress says, “Here […]

Pope Francis at Weekly General Audience in St. Peter's Square in Vatican City November 15, 2017 (Church of England and Wales CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Pope: Evangelize 1st by Example! Not “Don’t Convert Others”

On Sunday, Pope Francis spoke to the Christian minority in Morocco. He spoke of how we should lead others to Jesus primarily through example, through loving and encountering others. However, this was misunderstood by many inside and outside the Church as he compared this path of conversion to a negative form of proselytizing. I will […]

St Peter's from across the River at sunset(CC0 John Rodenn Castillo on Unsplash)

New Stricter Vatican Child Protection Norms

This morning, the Vatican issued new norms which tighten rules on child protection. Three separate documents came out. These documents put stricter norms on clergy and lay people who work for the Vatican in Rome, or in papal nunciatures around the world. The Documents New Laws for the Vatican City State Vatican News Reports: The […]