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Pope Francis with children at the Malacañan Palace January 16, 2015

Pope Francis: The Disabled Can Be Ministers, Not Just Ministered To

Yesterday, Pope Francis gave a message for the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. He exhorted the Christian faithful to better accept those of us who struggle with such realities. He wants us to be recognized, to be accompanied, to not be discriminated against, and to be involved as ministers, not just those ministered too. Here […]

Pennsylvania State Capitol

Pennsylvania Politicians Divided Over Aborting the Disabled

In the past few days, it has been reported that the Pennsylvania House and Senate have both approved a bill to make abortion due to a Down Syndrome diagnosis illegal. However, the Governor, Tom Wolf vetoed the bill rather quickly. Thus, in Pennsylvania, you can still abort due to disability. I want to give the […]

Bread and Wine representing the Eucharist

2 Priests & a Deacon Explain Why We Might Deny Communion

This weekend, Joe Biden was denied Communion in a parish in South Carolina. Although denying Communion is a rare occurrence, denying Communion is sometimes necessary if the person blatantly promotes something, like legal abortion, gravely contrary to Catholic teaching. I want to cite several people who gave excellent explanations about why this is so. In […]

CRISPR proteins illustration

Rewriting Our Genes? Prime Editing Doesn’t Resolve Moral Issues

This week, a new variation of CRISPR called “Prime Editing” has come into the spotlight. The main method used before was CAS9 which cuts the DNA but prime editing does only “nicks” the genes. News of Prime Editing The Guardian reported on this. Here are a few selections: The procedure, named “prime editing”, can mend […]

St. Stephen and St. Lawrence; Detail from the Waldburg Prayer Book

No Women Are in Formation to Be Permanent Deacons

A bishop in the Amazon is doing the laudable act of forming catechists to lead a Sunday Scripture reading and prayer service in their town when neither a deacon nor priest can arrive. He also hopes that some male catechists will later become deacons. Two sites reported on this with the dishonest and misleading title, […]

Facial recognition (2 images)

Privacy and Facial Recognition Software: Moral Analysis

I’m currently writing a doctoral thesis in moral theology on the topic of privacy. A question arose in the Democratic primaries around whether police should be allowed to use facial recognition software. Vox wrote an interesting piece on this software, focusing on how this software can have embedded biases. I am more concerned about privacy […]


Resolving Body Dysmorphic Disorder with Hormones?

This week, Australian scientists made an interesting discovery in treating a tough medical condition. The hormone oxytocin has helped people who have trouble matching their body and their brain’s image of their body. Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) is when people believe that part of their body is malformed or misshaped. This is distinct from Gender Dysphoria […]

Hands in despair

Assisted Suicide: How the Church Should Behave and WHY

This week, news came out of Seattle of Robert Fuller who died via assisted suicide. Two reports about how his parish dealt with it also emerged. I will quote both reports. His story raises questions about how we as a Church should help people intent on assisted suicide or euthanasia. After the news stories, I will […]

Pope Francis at an audience on Feb 7 2018

Pope Francis Greets an Autistic Girl

Pope Francis greeted an autistic girl from Naples at his Wednesday audience this week. It took me a bit to see the video but I want to include the video, the article, and some commentary. The Pope with an Autistic Girl The Catholic Register (from Canada) carried the story. During the Aug. 21 gathering in […]


Helping Out at a Special Needs Mass

A few weeks back I was visiting my family in Calgary and helped out with a special needs Mass. They call it “special needs,” as it can serve a few conditions but I can say that a large percent were autistic. This seems like a great initiative from the diocese and I hope other dioceses […]