Behind the Song- Waiting for No One (and a relationship with the cross)

Behind the Song- Waiting for No One (and a relationship with the cross) December 16, 2015

I wrote this one night sitting on my couch in Milwaukee.  Most songs take a couple of days, weeks or even years to write.  I never force the process, if it comes great, if it does not that’s fine too.  This song came to me and fast.  It’s about the balance between being frustrated with where you are and realizing you need to be receptive and thankful for what you got and what you are getting.  Hanging in between those two places of frustration and receptivity is where this song lives.  “You can stay, detained by your questions or come living with me” is facing this reality and being honest with it.

Possibly the most frustrating is that sometimes this experience is necessary and the best thing for us.  In the Christian faith you would call this the Cross.  A death to oneself and the world in order to be born again and refined.  The idea that you die and are resurrected better and anew through the experience.  It can be an excruciating experience that requires loads of discipline and faith for the end result and in its process.   It is with a faith in the resurrection that we are able to endure the death, and through a reflective inventory of the spirit, begin to see the ways and moments in which we were reborn throughout our past.  With the proper receptive disposition these crosses can become place markers of refinement throughout our lives.  The past can become an illuminated map and guide for our future.  This is why, in the Catholic faith, people look to the Saints for wisdom and inspiration.  They are like the Marco Polos of the spiritual and faith world, who came before us and mapped the way.  coincidentally, the children’s game, Marco Polo, can serve as a useful image for how we are to conduct ourselves through these experiences.  We move through the world with our eyes closed, constantly calling out for guidance and discerning our next step based off the voice that responds.  The more splashing and noise around you the harder it is to hear.  Focus in on the voice, avoid the distractions and we can be led to where it wants us to go.

These points of illuminated growth become fruit that nourishes our faith.  Our faith allows us hear and trust the guiding voice ahead.  Eventually, hopefully and ideally, with this faith and understanding of how our crosses work in our lives, we won’t only be able only endure death but wish for it… its the “circle of life!!! (to be read in the voice of Sir Elton John).  Again, look at the Saints!  I will try to do this everyday if you do as well…K?

This song…I almost forgot I was talking about a song…was recorded with the band all facing each other playing, this song is all live.  When we got a good take, we listened back and found that everything was great, no need to overdub.  This is Duane, the producer’s favorite.  Karl Dietel, the keyboardist, has amazing work on this one.  Yea…there are keyboards on it..  I believe Tom played a Les Paul on this tune as well, which was pretty great.
Have a listen!

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