Conversations With Brian Anderson: The Art Of Calling The Game

Conversations With Brian Anderson: The Art Of Calling The Game May 11, 2016

When I scheduled an interview with sportscaster Brian Anderson, I wasn’t sure how to approach the conversation.  What is the common thread between Brian’s work and my other guests, like Jim Gaffigan or Greg Brown, who are mostly artists and performers?  Does Brian fit into the world of artistic inspiration and expression?  Was this conversation going to fit my podcast theme?  Was it a loss??  It wasn’t until our conversation was underway that I realized… Brian is a storyteller!  At that point, we were able to enter the mystery of being a sportscaster.  Brian uses silence, history, backstory and statistics as color to interject with the moment happening in front of him.  He applies these elements to the canvas of the game, bringing the experience to life for the viewers at home.  His goal is to tell the games story in a way that the audience can only participate in through their television.   He is an artist of the baseball narrative…  and for 55 minutes he let me peek into this world where numbers are king, the past sets up the present and silence is deafening.  He revealed the art of calling the game.  Conversations with Brian Anderson:

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