Worship Leaders Shouldn't Talk

Worship Leaders Shouldn't Talk October 3, 2004

So I was speaking at the pretty cool youth event recently, and during the evening session, the ‘worship leader’ (as they like to be called), said something like this between songs:

“Isn’t it just great to be here…in the presence of the Lord…to be silent before him…yeah, it’s really great…cuz, you know, he’s always there for us…like, have you ever felt really ticked at God?…Yeah, you know, that’s okay for you to feel that way, because God can handle it…he’s okay with us being ticked at him, you know…but I’m not saying that God changes, cuz he doesn’t, cuz he created the universe, you know, so he doesn’t change.”

I am not bullshitting, that’s pretty much what was said.

Can we install electric buzzers in the little headsets that worship leaders wear so that whenever they say something theologically stoopid we can shock them?

Oh yeah, and if one more ‘worship leader’ tells me that I have to stand up, I may go postal.

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