It’s Moving Day

It’s Moving Day January 16, 2015

After many awesome years at Patheos — with higher blog traffic than I ever could have hoped for — I’ve decided to move my blog back to my own site. Starting on Monday, I’ll be posting there (and posting more frequently than I have in recent weeks). I love Patheos, and I am especially grateful to Deb Arca — she is an amazing human being, and just the kind of uplifting voice that I so often need in the brambles of the internet. You’ll still see me around Patheos as an occasional contributor, but my Theoblogy now resides HERE.

All of my archives will continue to live here, but they’ve also been imported to Theoblogy. If you subscribe via RSS feed, that will not change — it will direct to the new blog tomorrow.

If you don’t subscribe via RSS feed, YOU SHOULD. You can even sign up there to receive a daily email whenever I post.

Other ways to find out when I post include liking my Facebook page and following me on Twitter.

Finally, you can sign up to be the first to know about my next book, Did God Kill Jesus? Thanks again to everyone at Patheos.

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