Moltmann 1

Moltmann 1 October 4, 2004

So I have the good fortune of reading a lot of books as my vocation right now, so I’ll try and cull one or two good quotes from each book for this blog.

The first is Theology of Hope: On the Ground and the Implications of a Christian Eschatology by Jurgen Moltmann:

“The resurrection has set in motion an eschatologically determined process of history, whose goal is the annihilation of death in the victory of life of the resurrection, and which ends in that righteousness in which God receives in all things his due and the creature thereby finds his salvation.” (163)

“The logos of the eschaton is promise of that which is not yet, and for that reason it makes history. The promise which announces the eschaton, and in which the eschaton announces itself, is the motive power, the mainspring, the driving force and the torture of history.” (165)

“Cross and resurrection are not merely the modi in the person of Christ. Rather, their dialectic is an open dialectic, which will find its resloving synthesis in the eschaton of all things.” (201)

You gotta love that phrase that the announcement of the eschaton is “the torture of history.”

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