The Hidden Power of Electronic Culture…

The Hidden Power of Electronic Culture… February 14, 2006

…is the title of a book by my long-time friend, Shane Hipps. Shane has set up an excellent website to promote the book (showing that he gets media, and shaming a lot of less savvy authors (like yours truly) in the process.

But, more importantly, this book must be read by you. As someone who finds “video venue” churches theologically abhorrent, I think Shane’s work is extremely helpful. He provides a needed theoretical-theological scrim for making decisions about the use of media in ecclesial settings.

Buy It.


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  • suburbanjesus

    is this a direct or indirect call out of el MOL?

  • EL MOL

    both and neither

  • Sivin Kit

    looks good … great site … wonderful links to start us off.

  • faith

    Quote: “video venue” churches Indeed…I am intrigued…I attended a church would fall into that category big time…

  • Courtney (of Journey)

    NO FREAKIN WAY. Tony, do you realize how many degrees of separation have been working against us all this time?? My brother was best of friends with Shane during at least their freshman years at TCU. That was when a girl from my place-of-growing-up was dating my bro, and she met Shane then, too, though she went to Baylor. Yikes. Well, now this girl, Jess, is getting married to a cool guy (not my bro) and has asked Shane to do part of the officiating. Phew. All of that to say, hopefully I’ll see the guy in June. I do remember meeting him years ago and he cracked me UP. We all Enya-ed to Xmas lights in his dorm room. Ahh, the faint memories . . .

  • faith

    hey! who deleted the comments by sahid? I think he is right. The Muslims (not all, of course) are a bit lacking in sense of irony and humor when the kill each other over a cartoon depicting that they are violent…why delete this? These are important theological events. Let’s discuss this…why hide? What are you afraid of?

  • faith

    ^^ for the record Tony…that was not me…To whoever posted in my name…get over yourself and have the balls to claim your own opinion…That was a serious violation of blogger etiquette.