In Praise of Herring

In Praise of Herring February 28, 2007

People think pickled herring is gross, but I love it. I eat it whenever possible. I think it’s fantastic. I mean, who wouldn’t love a raw little fish, soaked in vinegar and placed on a cracker.

All I can hope is that next week in Norway and Denmark, there will be lots of herring.

There was no herring last week in North Carolina, but there was some good BBQ. And much excellent conversation was consumed. The folks at Campbell University were gracious as always, I got ashed at Emmaus Way on Wednesday, followed by some great Hauerwasian debates over beer at a local watering hole with EW folks, and then a couple days at UNC-Greensboro. Finally, a great seafood dinner with Tim and Mimi Conder before I flew home.

Two reflections:

First, something is up in North Carolina. There are, like, three or four strong cohorts in the state. Folks like Zach Roberts are starting new monastic communities, and lots of people are debating the retreatism of Hauerwas :-). And Doug just told me that he’ll be in NC four times this year for different meetings and events.

And second, I cannot speak highly enough about Scot McKnight. Honestly, there are few people in the world that I’d rather spend time with. He’s funny, humble, and he knows the New Testament. He can handle friendly disagreement, and even some ribbing about the cuffs and pleats in his pants. I get the real sense that he’s a man of integrity, and I’ll bet that his students at North Park love him. So, book him to speak at your church or event before his schedule gets too full — you’ll have a new friend.

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