It's on the Way

It's on the Way March 12, 2008
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  • Jim Krill

    That’s an excellent choice, Tony. I’ve had my Macbook for just about a year and a half, and it has never let me down. You know you’re being sucked into Apple’s control, right? Haha, enjoy it man!

  • Well, now I can be certain that you are one of the elect.

  • God’s grace is evident in your life now. Glad to see your repentance manifest in this new way of life.

  • Nice! I’m ordering a MacBook Pro in the next few weeks… I can hardly wait!

  • pinkhammer

    I was just looking at those last night! I think I might take the plunge…

  • your dislike of the mac trend was one of the few constants of the 21st century. what hope is there now?

  • So happy for you. Welcome to the black macbook.

  • You know that there is no evidence that the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil was an apple, right? Some people think it was a pomegranate. But PomBook doesn’t have the same ring to it.

  • carla jo

    we always knew you’d come around.

  • Welcome to NorCal culture. Thank you for powering our local economy.

  • Nooo….another one defecting to the Mac Darkside… I have failed you!

  • matt from missouri

    I’m still in shock. When you told me last night, I about died.

    I bet Tim LaHaye will work this into his next “great” novel.

  • Brian

    Cool. Now you are ready for “The Church of Mac.”

    No, really. Go to iTunes and look it up.

  • Oh, sweet BlackBook. You and me both, brother.

    This really is a cult.

  • Carl,

    I’m with you. From now on Tony shall be referred to as “Darth Mac”. All we can do is hope and pray…


  • Lets hope that unlike Darth Vader that he comes to his senses before his computer is on it’s death bed!

  • you know you love it…

  • Sooooo…went with the black huh? Let me know how you tricked it out. I hope you got the iWorks bundle. It makes MS Office look like preschoolers designed it.

    Rock on!

  • Oh, black MacBook! That’s a very good choice!

    (why do I hear Sean Penn when I read that?)

    Anyway, I know you will love it. Just get a slim laptop case for it, so that you can keep it under your seat! 🙂

    Peace, Love, & Leopard!

  • Melvin Bray

    the darker the berry, my friend…

  • So – what makes some one buy the black macbook? Because according to my calculations, it costs an extra $250 just for the color. Am I missing something? Is is just for the color or do you get some secret decoder ring that I don’t know about?

  • Yes, Tony (a fine name, I might add) I strongly suggest you view my iPodcasts at The Church of Mac. Enlightenment will ensue…well, something will ensue. Most likely, laughter.

    “God love you…and so does Steve!”

    Dr. Bobby