Blogalogue Round-Up

Blogalogue Round-Up November 24, 2008

As we begin the week, here’s a round-up of the blogalogue entries so far:

Tony’s Pre-Blogalogue Posts:

Taking the Offline Online

It’s Not about Me

The Limits of Blogging

Is It Inevitable?


The Blogalogue Proper

Tony: How I Went from There to Here

Rod: Tony and Rod Discuss SSM

Tony: Tony and Rod Discuss the Issue

Tony: A Lighter Moment

Tony: The Government’s Business

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  • Tony,
    Just wondering, are you going to discuss the bible’s position at all in this blogalougue or just yours? You haven’t addressed any relevant scripture yet.

  • Artie Curtis

    Keep on preaching your false gospel, Tony. The Gospel of Christ has survived many heresies in its history and it will survive yours too.
    You do know dont you, that teachers will be held more accountable? Or dont you have any “feeling” on that? Are there any other passages of scripture that you “feel” are wrong?

  • Hey
    I haven’t read/seen all Tony’s blogs about SSM yet, but I have to ask, why are people getting so fired up about this? Sure, I don’t think God designed humans to live in SSM’s, but at the same time to do anything but love them would be, from my understanding, a cut across the gospels message. I wouldn’t condemn such people for fear of facing that same condemnation myself from God. So let’s leave it to God’s prerogative to decide who is saved, who isn’t, which gospel is ‘false’, and which isn’t before making a call of condemnation that, in fact, only God can make. Instead, let’s live the best we can but in a completely loving manner towards each other.

  • Hey Phillip,
    If we leave it to God to decide which gospel is “false” how are we to take Paul when he says, “But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be accursed.”(Galatians 1:8)? We MUST decide these things using the Bible as our source.

  • ian Ollis

    Well to be honest, I am a gay, Christian, Politician in Johannesburg, South Africa. If that is an oxymoron in your thinking, then I suppose we are going to disagree on more than just “the gay issue”. What is increasingly surprising to me is how much this issue is always discussed in the absence of gay people who believe in Jesus. In fact usually in the absence of gay people at all, apparently. Listening to your comments about “false” gospels and THE BIBLE, THE BIBLE, THE BIBLE, I must say what some of you bloggers don’t realise is how much your betray your potted thinking, often lack of compassion and inability to engage in debate other than polemic. That said, I think Tony’s posts so far have set the context of this debate up very well. There are of course more details that we should discuss, but Tony is correct to start with the issue and not with the Bible. We all know what is in the Bible, what changes regularly is the context, and that makes all the difference in the world! Ian Ollis