New RSS Feed…Again!

New RSS Feed…Again! May 2, 2009

For some reason, and unbeknowst to me, the “Subscribe” box vanished from this blog a few weeks ago.  I asked the Bnet editors to put it back, which they did. And now I’ve discovered, thanks to some friendly tweeters, that the feed was changed! This is the third time that the feed has been changed since I moved to Bnet, and I heartily apologize for it.

As far as I know, the feed is now:

Of course, if you rely on my feed to see if I’ve posted, you’re not reading this.


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  • Danner

    I haven’t changed any settings on my RSS feed of your posts in several months, and the above post appeared in my reader. So I know of no problem with your previous feed.
    By the way, I know this is beyond your control, but I read the full content from partial feeds about 90% less than the content in full feeds. I simply rarely click through to the site. Thus even though I enjoy your posts I end up reading very few of them. Nothing against you; I also miss out on most of what Freakonomics posts and most of what Krugman posts, etc. Would love to be reading those folks, but the partial feed is a no-go for me.
    If Bnet were to make your feed a full one, I’d probably read everything you write. Don’t mind if they put ads in the feed. It’s the clicking through that bothers me.
    Just FYI.

  • Kenton

    Thanks for getting it fixed. When the feed fails to load on my browser (firefox) the first entry is something like “Feed failed to Load.” That’s a clue to go straight to the blog until it gets fixed.

  • Just to throw my 2 cents out there with Danner…
    I also read almost all of the blogs I read in my RSS reader, and rarely click through to the actual site.
    I thought your general session at NYWC Pittsburgh this past fall was fantastic, and would genuinely like to read more of your posts, but typically don’t take the time to click through on the RSS reader.

  • Kay

    I’ll ‘third’ what Danner and Eli said. Can Bnet do something about the partial article in the feed?

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