Back from Vacation

Back from Vacation April 5, 2010

I have returned, relatively intact, from my first big vacation with the kids as a single dad.  We covered 1446 miles in the 2004 Volvo XC 70 (never have I taken a road trip in such a comfortable car).  Among the highlights were visiting long-time friends on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, staying at the Creekside Lodge in Custer State Park, touring Wind Cave, and spending many hours learning about Mount Rushmore.  Among the lowlights were the illnesses that we shared in the moving petri dish called our car.

There were definitely some challenges in being a single parent with three kids, like what to do when one is ill in a hotel room and medicine is needed from a store two miles away.  But the joys far outweighed the challenges.  We bought arrowheads and cap guns, recorded 34 license plates, discovered a couple great diners, and shared many, many laughs.

And when, on the way home, tears ran down my cheeks as we listened to the final chapters of Bridge to Terabithia, we had an important conversation about grief, which children of divorce feel keenly.

I’m happy to be home, and happy to have celebrated Easter with my kids and many other family members.

And I’m thankful for love.

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  • Jo Ann W. Goodson

    Tony, all of this, with the exception of the illness, sounds absolutely wonderful. Your family seems very normal to me as a divorced mother of three. The difference being mine were young adults and out on their own. It was very difficult for them as it is with yours. You have decided not to let things get you down but to put adventure and love into your daily living. Keep this going in your life and make it a Holy Adventure. Being involved and attentive to your children and helping to find their identity as God’s children plus helping them to learn and use the spiritual gifts, as well as other types of gifts, will keep you focused and busy. My children and I continue to vacation together and we are all still young at heart and love adventure. Love is the essential element of any family and you appear to know that as well. Not just know it but practice it. Enjoy your life and your children. Continue to teach them by example how much God loves you and them. Much love to you and my prayers will continue for you and your family.

  • Your lovely last line says it all quite well, Tony. Congratulations on a monumental task completed, best wishes as you continue to parent your children from a completely different and sometimes very lonely perspective, and love and prayers as you continue to do the absolutely impossible job of balancing all that you do and care about. These amazing children God gives us we truly only have for a short window of time – so glad you could use that window wisely and well this last 10 days. Thought of and prayed for you during Holy Week and am so glad to read of your good (though sadly, illness infested!!) week together. On Good Friday, Joy’s youngest came out of his nine week captivity in a full body cast from a broken left femur – so we celebrated lots of resurrection yesterday. He has a ways to go to moving with out fear and pain, but he’s FREE of the plas

  • well… add a ‘ter’ to that last word and you’ll have the entire comment. techno geek I am most definitely NOT.

  • Dong-Sik Park

    Your love for your children makes me shed tears.