Get Your Hipster Emergent Glasses…CHEAP!

Get Your Hipster Emergent Glasses…CHEAP! May 5, 2010

So, in all of the hullabaloo about stereotypical emergent white hipsters with cool eyeglasses, I forgot to tell you that you can save $12 off any purchase from by using code “Twitter”.  It’s where I get my glasses!

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  • Chris

    Is this for real? I sense a tongue in cheek but am not sure since you started to pimp products on Twitter 🙂

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  • I’ve been using Theirs start at $8. 🙂

  • Sean LeRoy

    Be aware that $39 in many cases – like mine – is not your final price, either.

  • I’m totally with Tim – ZenniOptical is where it’s at – my wife bought two pairs of glasses with prescriptions AND shipping for $15 each!

    You can even get them without the prescription just so you can look “emergent” 😉

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  • Jeff

    39DollarGlasses ROCKS!

    Yup I paid a bit more than “zenni” but their quality is superior (since they make their glasses here in the USA, NOT CHINA like zenni) and I had them in days not weeks.

    I’ll stick with AMERICAN quality over chinese any day!