Get a Masters in Missional Leadership

Get a Masters in Missional Leadership May 31, 2010

I’ve often commented how much I think theological education needs to change.  For instance, I’m not interested in moving from my home to join the faculty of a residential seminary.  I’d rather have the students come to me.  That’s not just because it’s convenient for me (which it is), but also because I have a lot more to teach about here, where I’m rooted, than in a classroom.

The D.Min. cohort I’m teaching for Fuller Seminary will meet here in Minnesota at least once during our three-year journey.  But even before that, a cohort from the Masters in Missional Leadership Program at Rochester College is coming here in August.  Those ten students will have the opportunity to attend Solomon’s Porch on Sunday evening, meet with SP personnel and other Twin Cities pastors on Monday and Tuesday, and spend Wednesday through Friday in the north woods at my family cabin.  None of that would be possible in a classroom.

So, if you’re in the market for a Masters degree, consider joining one of the new cohorts at Rochester.  And if a Doctor of Ministry is more your speed, check out the Christian Spirituality cohort at Fuller, beginning a year from now.

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  • Tim

    I’d hoped something like this would happen.
    If this was 3 years ago, I’d have some thinking to do. Now that I’m finishing up at Biblical (an excellent northeast/philly area option for those interested in missional church), I am interested in a dmin. May take a break though. Anyway, thanks for posting this.

  • bourgogne

    Tony…you’re getting lazy and the rationalizations are starting to pile up…The apostles were not rooted. Teachers need to be mobile.

  • Joey

    Well bourgogne, that’s not even close to true. Paul was mobile but definitely had roots in Antioch. Peter stayed in Jerusalem. Teachers don’t need to be mobile, Christians need to invest in community which means being rooted. Is mobility wrong? No, but to equate mobility with apostleship is just plain silly. I hope you weren’t just trying to be mean spirited in your comment.

    For those interested Huntington University has a Masters in Youth Ministry Leadership program that has an interesting approach to mobility. The students travel to a few different places in the country together but do a lot of their studies from a distance. Here’s a link:

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