Surprised by Kirk Cameron

Surprised by Kirk Cameron January 5, 2011

Someone sent me the link to the video below yesterday, simply saying that Anderson Cooper had interviewed Kirk Cameron about the mass-bird-and-fish-die-off in Arkansas, asking him whether it is a sign of the apocalypse.  I braced myself, expecting the actor who has publicly campaigned against evolution, assuming that he would say something as similarly idiotic as his assertion that the existence of bananas and the lack of existence of “crocoducks” are proof of creationism.

But, no, that’s not what happened.  Instead, Cameron seems downright baffled that Cooper is asking him about the birds based on his role in the Left Behind movies (it does make one wonder why Cameron accepted the interview request).  It’s Cooper who looks a bit foolish for inviting on a guest to talk about apocalypse who basically says that he knows nothing about it.

Cameron goes back to the well in the last minute of the interview to talk about how American is like a sinking ship, etc., but I’ll forgive him that for now and instead commend him for not using the bird-kill to make theologically preposterous claims about the end of the world.  If one listens closely to the interview, it even seems that Cameron is distancing himself from the theology of the Left Behind books and movies…

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  • Andy

    Tony, you are right on about the interview. It was refreshing to hear Kirk say that he thinks that he will die of some other cause rather than the end of time. Thanks for the link.

  • I agree CNN does look silly for inviting an actor on the show as an expert on end times theology – I think they were fishing for ridiculous statements to put on the news clips of Christians freaking out over the dead birds and saying its an obvious connection to the end of the world – but they didn’t get it. Poor CNN.

  • When I was 13, I felt sure he and I would get married.

    ahhh Kirk. Your face in my locker helped me through middle school.

    …and now through the weird death of wild life….

  • Pierce Withers

    Why do otherwise reasonable media outlets always drag out the Christian crackpots when it’s time to hear from our quarters? And why Kirk Cameron? Was the guy who wanted to burn the Koran in Florida too busy to be interviewed?

  • Its always nice when our stereotypes, and presuppositions about people are wrong or outdated. He seems reasonable to me. My theology and understandings of the world have changed dramatically since Kirk starred in those movies.

    Kirk says he has been a Christian 20 years. to me, that tells the tale, he is maturing. Its a pity that Anderson Cooper was looking for a sensational interview. It looks like he misjudged Kirk.

  • Dave

    Cooper could have called on Irving Baxter….

  • Post emergent Mary