Download the Chapter Deemed "Too Gay" for the Baptimergent Book

Download the Chapter Deemed "Too Gay" for the Baptimergent Book March 8, 2011

Homebrewed Christianity is making available a PDF of Brian Ammon’s chapter on sexuality, a chapter that the Baptist publisher considered unacceptable for their book on Baptist Emergence. If it’s anything like my experience of having a chapter banned by Wheaton College, thousands more people will read this chapter than will read the published book.

Smyth & Helwys, the press whose primary market is the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, published the first book of a hyphenated emergent collection – Baptimergent.  It was an excellent book with all types of Baptists collected together including Southern, American, Alliance, Cooperative, Liberal, Conservative, Dudes, Ladies, Black, White, Democrats, Republicans, and even Hauerwasians!!! For some reason Smyth & Helwys thought it would be ok for them to have a chapter calling out most Baptist churches as having an idolatrous love of our country or economic blinders to the message of justice in scripture and other such seemingly controversial issues BUT should an ordained gay baptist minister tell his story without obligating the reader to agree with him it gets cut for being ‘Too Gay.’

via Homebrewed Christianity » books emergent thinking » That’s “Too Gay” – Brian Ammons’ Banned Chapter from Baptimergent.

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  • This is really sad. I used this book in one of Dr. Dan Stiver’s classes last semester. While I appreciated the book it frustrates me that the publisher is still unwilling to accept something from a gay minister. As a recovering Baptist it pains me to see this happen. Thanks for the post Tony I will be sure and read it.

  • Charles

    After reading the chapter, two thoughts come quickly to my mind. First, Tony’s correct, this chapter will be read by far more people than the book could possibly reach. I wouldn’t read the book, I’m neither Baptist nor emergent leaning. (Yet I find the emergent conversation (fray?) fascinating.) Second, and more important, is the content of the chapter — a call for the church to approach the discussion of human sexuality within a new framework. I agree whole hardheartedly. The current conversation assumes old-school boundaries, left over from the Puritans. Surely we’ve moved to a point in time where the church can set aside old, marginalizing frameworks and discover a new loving one in its inclusion of all people.

  • CJ

    I had a long conversation with God tonight about judgement and my tendency to be overly critical of people. And that problem is a part of my Lenten experience this year. So, it makes sense that I would feel the need to read this man’s words.

    And, despite not agreeing with everything he had to say, I found at the heart this message of love and this desire to talk about the things that are difficult for us. And that is what this book will be missing.