I Challenge Peter Rollins to Give Up Atheism for Lent

I Challenge Peter Rollins to Give Up Atheism for Lent March 9, 2011

Happy Ash Wednesday, everyone.

Peter Rollins is the most famous Christian Atheist that I know.

Actually, Pete isn’t technically an “atheist.”  He’s an (a)theist.  Or an a(theist).  Or an a/theist, a|theist, or a\theist.  He explained this a bit when I called in live to the Homebrewed Christianity Podcast and challenged Pete to do the only natural thing for someone who de-evangelizes people and runs the Omega Course:

I challenge Peter Rollins to give up atheism for Lent.

That means I’d like to see video of Pete singing praise and worship songs, preferably while swaying with his hands in the air.  If he can conjure up a few tears, that would be even better.

I’d like Pete to post some beautiful, flowery prayers on his blog.

I’d like Pete to make some conclusive claims about the characteristics of God.

I’d like Pete to answer some questions.  I mean actually answer them, without telling a parable.

Do you have some challenges for Pete as he gives up atheism for Lent? I’ll be seeing Pete on Good Friday, so I’ll let you all know how he did!

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