My Interview on God Complex Radio

My Interview on God Complex Radio March 9, 2011

Carol Howard Merritt interviewed me for God Complex Radio.  We talked mainly about my book on the Didache, The Teaching of the Twelve.  Here’s the description of the show, followed by the link:

In the second episode of our 4th season, we invited Tony Jones, theologian-in-residence at Solomons Porch in Minneapolis, to join Carol Howard Merritt and Landon Whitsitt to discuss his newest book The Teaching of the Twelve: Believing and Practicing the Primitive Christianity of the Ancient Didache Community. Some highlights from the show… This is a book about a pamphlet [GCR producer: think Jack Chick track, only a lot older and without the scary images] (2:00), how Tony decided to write on the Didache (7:00), what faith communities looked like during the time the Didache was written (7:50), Trucker Frank’s community (11:50), sexual mores + clash of civilizations (15:00), did the Didache have an impact on Tony’s theology? (26:10).

via GCR 4.2 Tony Jones on the Didache and Christian community : God Complex Radio.

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  • Tony,
    I recently purchased a copy of “The Apostolic Fathers” which contains the Didache and other writings (Clement, Shepherd of Hermes, Epistle of Barnabas, etc…). The writings were both refreshing and fascinating to me. I’m eager to get your book on the Didache as well.

    Hope to see you this summer in the Fuller DMin program. Thanks for stretching our minds and hearts!

  • Hey Tony,

    I’ve been lurking and reading here for about a month now, and just wanted to say that I appreciate your willingness to engage in tough discussions and state unpopular opinions. It hasn’t changed the way I think about my own faith — since I’m mostly in agreement with what you say — but it has helped me to articulate it a little more clearly. I just made what I expect to be the first of many posts on my own blog about the heterodoxy of my own faith, and it owes a lot to my thoughts and reactions to what I’ve read here.



  • Thank you so much for chatting with me, Tony. The book is great, and I really appreciated the opportunity to talk with you about it.

    All my best to you…

  • I’m an old fart, but I always appreciate new ideas on how to get this old message across to people.

    Thanks for your efforts.