Loves Wins: The Typo That Is Not an April Fool's Joke

Loves Wins: The Typo That Is Not an April Fool's Joke April 1, 2011

Some of us have noticed a typo in the last line of The Book.  It says, “loves wins.”  Any author or editor knows this feeling — my book, The New Christians, ended up with a dozen dingbats and typos, even after the most thorough editing and proofreading process I’d ever seen.  I imagine (I hope), that Rob is having a good chuckle about this typo.  Stuff like this usually serves to keep us authors humble.

What’s kind of cool, I think, is that there’s been lots of fun speculation on Twitter about whether Rob was referring to the loves of all three members of the Trinity, other gods, etc.  Fun stuff, and a reminder that for all of the gnashing of teeth and rending of garments by some opponents of this book, Christianity is still meant to be Good News, and Good News can be fun.

In that spirit, that line has now been memorialized in a t-shirt, available for purchase at Cafe Press:

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  • Tripp

    Good one!

  • Jay

    Surely, it must be proof of Divine inspirations. 🙂

  • Pat Pope

    Actually, I thought the other day that there should be a new market for online editors of blogs. I’ve read so many, even by some of the best scholars and theologians, with typos. There’s something about typing online that seems to make it so easy to miss these mistakes.

    It also seems in publishing in general, we’ve just gotten lazy. Some of the things I’ve seen in print, I can’t believe were missed.

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