Cru? July 22, 2011

So, word comes today that Campus Crusade for Christ, long-time whipping boy in my books and on my blog (only after I was their whipping boy for a couple years in college), is changing their name to Cru.

The decision, Cru announces, “was saturated in prayer.”

The answer to those prayers seemingly was not: Cam, Chr, or any other three-letter combo.

Listen, I get it.  I was reared in and worked at a church called “Colonial.”  Seemed like a good idea at the time.  Now I wonder if they should change the name to Post-Colonial Church of Edina (surely, the McLaren would approve!).

“Recent media reports,” the media release paranoidly continues, “have questioned our commitment to Jesus and our calling as ministers of the gospel.”  I figured that they were referring to the lamestream, liberal media, beating up on them for the word “Crusade.”  Nope.  It seems that they’re taking heat in the Christian media for dropping “Christ” from their name.

Ah, well, I somehow doubt that this is a sign of Cru’s backsliding into relativism.

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