Is Jesus Your “Political Hero”?

Is Jesus Your “Political Hero”? July 22, 2011

Echoing W, who famously called Jesus his favorite philosopher, Tim Pawlenty yesterday called Jesus his favorite political hero.  Jon Ward of HuffPo was there:

On Thursday, the former Minnesota governor listed Jesus Christ as one of his “political heroes” in response to a question from an Iowa voter about influential figures in his life.

There can be no doubt that Jesus was a political figure.  But his politics was one of usurpation and insurrection, hardly characteristics that one associates with the former governor of Minnesota.

There are so many things wrong with an American politician, especially one of Pawlenty’s disposition, calling our apocalyptic-Messiah-martyr-deity his political hero, that I don’t even know where to begin.

UPDATE: T-Paw is also in trouble today with ABC/ESPN for using the Miracle on Ice footage to promote his candidacy.

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