Willow Creek Breaks with Exodus International

Willow Creek Breaks with Exodus International July 26, 2011

In a move that Willow Creek is trying to downplay and Exodus International is trying to play-up, the Illinois mega-church has decided to longer partner with the ex-gay ministry.  Todd Rhodes reports:

Was there more to Willow’s severing the relationship than just shuffling around their partners?  Could be…The church may just not have been comfortable with Exodus’ delivery methods.  But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ve changed their views on the core subject of homosexuality.  If that’s the case, it’d be good to clarify.

And for Exodus’ point of view:  just because someone doesn’t partner with you doesn’t mean that churches are going to hell in a handbasket, or that no one will stand for truth anymore.  That’s a pretty stark message.  Oh wait…

HT: Bethany Stolle

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