What Phyllis Tickle Says about The Church Is Flat

What Phyllis Tickle Says about The Church Is Flat August 11, 2011

“Any serious student of, or participant in, Emergence Christianity is going to rejoice in the work contained here. Jones’s hard-core research is scholarly to a fault; but it is also permeated with the experiential knowledge and realistic assessment of one who has been in the movement from its inception in this country. So far as I know, this is the first vetted, validated, and comprehensive overview of what is happening and also of what that happening means, complete with a sizeable section of summary full of practical advice and pointers. This is one piece of work that everybody in Emergence Christianity needs urgently to read now as a way of charting not only where Emergence is, but also where it has to go and is going. A brilliant academic tour de force with enormous applications for lay reading and praxis.”

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