What Gerardo Marti Says about The Church Is Flat

What Gerardo Marti Says about The Church Is Flat August 12, 2011

Gerardo Marti

Gerardo Marti is the L. Richardson King Associate Professor of Sociology at Davidson College.

“Tony Jones provides an insider’s perspective on the definition, growth, and ongoing challenges of the Emerging Church Movement. In classic Jonesian fashion, you’ll find savvy writing that combines theology, close observation, and a healthy dose of opinion. Jones takes us back through the history of the movement’s development, but the true significance of the work is how Jones pushes the movement forward, urging these religious innovators to clarify an ever more nuanced ‘relational ecclesiology’ that critically considers the role of scripture, tradition, and experience. He believes he’s found the key to revitalizing Christianity for the coming century — It remains for the rest of the church to see if he’s right.”

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