Millennials Are Pro-Gay

Millennials Are Pro-Gay September 1, 2011


A new survey from the Public Religion Research Institute has some positive findings for those us who hope for marriage equality, gay ordination, and the like:

  • There is at least a 20-point generation gap between Millennials (age 18 to 29) and seniors (age 65 and older) on every public policy measure in the survey concerning rights for gay and lesbian people.
  • The generation gap in support for same-sex marriage is striking and persists even among conservative political and religious groups.
  • Public support for allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry has increased significantly over the last 5 years.
  • Despite the conventional wisdom that religious groups generally oppose rights for gay and lesbian Americans, there are major religious groups on both sides of the debate over same-sex marriage.

The report goes on from there.  Read the whole thing here.

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