WaPo: Separation of Church and State in Marriage?

WaPo: Separation of Church and State in Marriage? September 15, 2011

Eminent religion columnist Lisa Miller has written about, and disagreed with, my stance on marriage in the Washington Post:

It isn’t exactly a movement, more of a blogosphere hubbub.

In solidarity with his gay and lesbian brothers and sisters, one well-known evangelical pastor in Minneapolis is taking a stand. As long as his state won’t confer upon homosexuals the legal right to marry, Tony Jones won’t sign a marriage license. He will officiate at a Christian ceremony, what he calls the “sacramental” part of marriage. But he refuses to act as an agent of the state.

via Separation of church and state in marriage? – The Washington Post.

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  • I am just not seeing any tension with the minister acting as the third party witness to the marriage.

  • Kevin Gasser

    You’re evangelical?

    • Um, I don’t think so.

      • He’s being modest Kevin, don’t believe him. He’s as evangelical as they come.

        • Kevin Gasser

          Yeah, I was just a little surprised to see TJ identified as a “well-known evangelical pastor.” It was the evangelical part that surprised me, not the well known part.

          Evidently Miss Miller isn’t familiar with the term “incarnational Christian”…yet.

  • Basil Kiwan

    For what it is worth, I thought the article was a bit … catty.

  • Aaron

    Hes not even a Christian.

    • Scot Miller

      Wow, I didn’t know that being a Christian meant holding a particular policy position about marriage. I am now truly enlightened! All this time I thought being a Christian meant being a follower of Jesus Christ….

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