Why Obama Wins

Why Obama Wins January 4, 2012

Here’s why:

  • Evangelicals* won’t vote for a woman (see Michele Bachmann)
  • Evangelicals won’t vote for a Catholic (Santorum)
  • Evangelicals won’t vote for a Mormon (Romney)
  • No one else will vote for Perry, ensuring Romney the nomination
  • Thus, in the general election, evangelicals will stay home because they’ll be unmotivated by their choice (Romney)

*I mean “evangelicals” as defined by the mainstream media: white, conservative, born-again Christians. This is a psychographic category, not a theographic one. The media is underestimating the great distaste that evangelicals have for Catholics and Mormons, both of which are listed as cults, if memory serves, in Larson’s Book of Cults.  I didn’t even grow up evangelical, and I was given that book by some youth pastor to read.  So many evangelicals grew up being told that the pope is the anti-Christ and that the LDS Church is satanic, that it is deeply ingrained in them.  I’m not saying that they’ll campaign against Romney or Santorum, just that their antipathy to their religions will leave evangelical voters totally unmotivated.

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