John McCain on Democracy [GIGO]

John McCain on Democracy [GIGO] September 25, 2013

You know who’s got it goin’ on this week? John McCain. That’s right, the usually cranky, too-often war mongering Senator from Arizona today gave a speech to the always misguided Ted Cruz about how democracy actually works:

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  • Mark Kirschieper

    I’m a registered Independent, so I just about despise, the partisan format, into which our government has degraded. I would go so far as to say, that our partisan structure, has evolved; it was not part of the Constitutional intent, of the founding fathers. George Washington himself, warned against it, in his very first inaugural address. However, we seem to be “stuck”, with what we’ve got, or have rather what we’ve allowed to happen…
    In this video, Senator McCain is SPOT ON THE TRUTH! Ted Cruz is an attention-seeking opportunist, at the moment, acting only is self interest. You go, Senator John McCain sir, by this speech showing how government has worked, and how to be a kind, truthful, and gracious loser. In Democracy, sometimes you win, and sometimes you loose. Ted Cruz needs to shut up, act like a gentleman, and learn be a gracious loser, and good sport. Mark’s political rant, of the day…

  • It’s nice to see that version of John McCain reemerge from time to time…

  • Craig

    Cruz is a monster McCain helped to create.