Now Chik-fil-A Is Pretending To Be a Bible-Quoting Teenage Girl

Now Chik-fil-A Is Pretending To Be a Bible-Quoting Teenage Girl July 25, 2012

Already shown up by Jim Henson’s widow, who pulled the partnership with the evangelical chicken chain, Chik-fil-A has engaged in PR stupidity that would make a good Brady Bunch episode. Signs were posted at Chik-fil-A’s stating that the Muppet promotion had ended due to unsafe toys, while the real reason was the outspoken homophobia of the chain’s CEO.

Then, rather than fessing up to it, Chik-fil-A (or its proxy) invented a Facebook profile of a teenage girl named Abby Farle, using a stock photo, and went online to defend Chik-fil-A and drop “John 3:16” in the comments, as if that settles it.

Here’s the image from Gizmodo:

Listen, I get that progressive/liberal Christians do dumb stuff. But, seriously, the complete idiocy of right-wing Christians is breathtaking.

Update: Gizmodo now reports that Chik-fil-A denies having anything to do with it. I knew it!

PPS: Be sure to like Abby’s Facebook page.

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  • Melody

    Jesus, save us from your followers.

  • Whaaaat? I love their chicken (in Columbia, MO, rarely have the chance to eat it), but golly they are looking dumber and dumber by each massing moment.

  • Jon

    How is this post helping the body of Christ? Love wins, remember?

  • Let me take issue with one thing, Tony. And that’s using the word homophobia of someone who has a different view of sexuality and marriage than you. It’s an incendiary term that doesn’t move the conversation anywhere good.

    Here’s the question: Can someone honestly believe that same sex sexual relationships are out of bounds ethically and NOT be homophobic? Is is one the equivalent of the other?

    The man said he sees marriage a certain way. To say that the man was making any statement whatsoever about rights or hiring practices or who they would serve and not serve… that might be “homophobia” but it’s not what this man has done. Read it in context:

    I’d urge you to be more careful with that word.

    • Frank

      Careful is not the mantra of liberal Christianity. Foolish is more like it; proven here and in others places daily.

    • >>Can someone honestly believe that same sex sexual relationships are out of bounds ethically and NOT be homophobic?

      No. HTH.

  • And no comment on what someone posing as a teenage girl said on Facebook. C’mon…
    Do you really think that was Chick-Fil-A or it’s “proxy”?? Remember a proxy is “substitute: somebody authorized to act for another person.” That’s a pretty heavy, and from what I can see, baseless charge to make about a facebook post.

  • Abby Farle

    yeah, I’d have to say, this is a quick to shoot post here Tony…check your info….John 3:16.

    • Casey

      Abby strikes again!


  • It was a PR fail to state his view in the first place; people assume the best and are happy to consume unless they have reason to suspect otherwise, so why give them that reason unless you really think that you somehow have enough influence to sway people’s opinions? It was a PR fail to pretend that it was a safety issue to stop providing the toys. It was an outright embarrassing PR fail to use a fake facebook profile to try to defend themselves.

    I do agree with some of the other commenters that it was a bit harsh and generalizing of all right-wing Christians – many lovingly disagree with the LGBT lifestyle without being homophobic and many are not idiots – but the core concept of it being a major PR fail I agree with entirely.

  • Dan

    $10 bucks says this will be on Snopes in a week, proven to have NOT been Chick-Fil-A. C’mon, Tony.

  • Bo

    Does anybody know what a troll is? C’mon. Seriously, this could just as easily been a nobody fueling the fires of a hot topic. The whole thing has troll written all over it.

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  • adrian

    I just wanted to clarify that it’s jim henson’s daughter not his widow. thought you should know