Yes, Zondervan Has Jumped the Shark

Yes, Zondervan Has Jumped the Shark July 25, 2012

A while back, I asked whether Zondervan had jumped the shark, based on their publication of the Playful Puppies Bible.

Yes, it turns out they have. As proof, see Our Constitution Rocks by 14-year-old FOX News conservative, Juliette Turner. Seriously, you’ve got to watch this promo video — there are even outtakes at the end:

Maybe the most hilarious thing is that someone has squatted on and made it into a pro-Obama site.

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  • Melody

    Oy vey. Jump the shark they have done, indeed.

  • Carter McNeese

    Wonder if she’ll recant in a few years the way that other kid did.

  • Alyssa

    Wow. They really put a lot of thought, time and money into this short (yet too long) video production. I wonder if the same attention to detail was paid in the book . . . what’s it called again?

  • Nathan

    I’m just wondering why she is wearing her dad’s shirt….

  • Omigod, the Constitution is, like, SO cool! Thomas Jefferson is TOTALLY my boyfriend!

    • shana

      Hey, anything that will get the kids to know about their Nation’s history and founding is a GOOD thing, dont you think?

      We should support kids who have such an interest at a young age, not make sport of them.

  • gosh, i am still wondering why she wrote “this book?” 🙂

  • Richard Jones

    How did this load of **** get past any sort of management person at Zondervan? I don’t know about the book, but the video is probably the stupidest thing I have seen in ten years. I think the loser in this is Juliette. I doubt she likes how she comes across in the video. I’m assuming she has more intelligence than the marketing department at Zondervan.

  • toddh

    Zondervan sucks, but I think that girl has a bright future ahead of her. Good for her for being able to do all this stuff at her age. Watch out Ann Coulter 😉

  • LP

    Is this the precursor to Ronald Reagan Rocked? Maybe thats what every Fox kid really wants to read?

    • robt

      Why not?

      Well, most of the people I know gained most of their knowledge about how the Congress works from watching School House Rocks”Im a a Bill sitting here on Capital Hill”.

      Better than knowing nothing at all and shows this kind of learning – works!

  • Is it some funky American thing that there is rattle snake noises all through that? Or maybe that was my suspension of disbelief-o-meter breaking?

    • Phil Miller

      I heard that too. It sounded like cicadas to me. Or possibly locusts…

  • Jay

    I forced myself to watch the whole thing. I will never be the same….

    • robt

      I think that was always likely…

  • Jason Powell

    I feel dirty inside

    • Joe B

      I can’t believe a site calling itself Patheos “hosting a conversation on faith” would countenance this type of criticism of a 12 or 13 year old child. You guys should be commenting on how proud you are that she cares about issues like the nation’s founding and constitution. Shame on you for these type of attacks.

      • robt

        I agree. Definitely mean and childish.

        Seems the teen is the mature one here and shes not even here!

      • Sundown

        That’s the point… it’s not evident that the kid cares about the constitution… at least not enough to make a video that doesn’t talk down and condescend to her audience.

  • Frank

    Aside from the teenspeak this young woman sounds like an intelligent and thoughtful person.

    The irony is someone who is part of a “movement” that jumped the shark long ago spends time talking about others that are perceived to have jumped the shark. Clueless!

    • Richard Jones

      Frank, that was hilarious! Most people won’t get it, though.

    • John (not McCain)

      Thanks! I like getting daily reminders of why I’d much rather go to hell than spend five minutes around people like Frank, and he seldom disappoints.

      • Frank

        Deny God’s Word and you might just get your wish.

  • AggieMom

    I would rather my kids watch this video, than any number of other videos they can find on YouTube. I’m impressed a young person has this much enthusiasm about our Constitution, and applaud Juliette for trying to reach other youth in a language and medium they relate to. Mathew 7:1: “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.”

  • Curtis

    A 14-year-old girl with heavy lipstick and eyeshadow? When I was in middle school we had a name for girls like that. Is it a Sarah Palin thing? Or maybe some kind of modern rural American chic? With the cicadas in the soundtrack, they seem to be aiming for the rural market.

    • Linda & Halley

      We think she is lovely…!

      • Curtis

        You are right. She is lovely. Alas, I guess church standards of morality do change over time after all.

    • timlh

      I think someone writing such a thing publicly about a VERY young girl should seriously be looking at and considering their own “morals” before they start questioning others.


      • Curtis

        This is getting confusing. When I was a kid, Christians said it was immoral for a 14-year-old girl to wear heavy makeup. I never called girls that; that is what my Christian friends said. Now, I am being called immoral for reminding Christians of that history, and for pointing out the irony of Christians now describing such girls as “lovely”.

        Everybody lighten up. She just needs a better makeup person.

  • bjsyd

    I think this book is much needed and find it amazing that a 14 year old not only knows this information but had the self discipline and dedication to actually write it! What I find equally amazing is that so many people use their time to criticize her efforts rather than support and encourage such positive actions. I only wish all our teenagers used their time so productively!

  • Linda & Halley

    We cannot wait to get the book, and congratulate Juliette for trying to educate a population of kids who likely would not know their rights if polled. She is to be commended rather than ridiculed and condemned. YOU rock, Ms. Juliette, and hopefully we will see you on the Best Seller lists!!

  • qccitizen

    You’d think after the huge outcry that resulted from the video of Karen Klein being bullied on that school bus that a group of (alleged) adults would think twice before using the Internet to publicly ridicule a 14-year-old girl’s sincere efforts to educate her peers on the Constitution. But I guess adulthood is no guarantee of kindness and civility. Juliette, kudos to you for taking the initiative and working to make a positive impact on others.

    • Sylvia C

      As a grandmother I’m really disturbed by the adult criticism of this young girl. I would be so proud of my grandchildren if they were to write a book or make online videos and quite angry with those who would attempt to bully her or belittle her efforts. I’m really saddened to see this on a website where Christian values are being discussed.

    • Sundown

      qccitizen, you’re in the wrong. It’s not Juliette who is being mocked; it is Zondervan for letting a promotion video of such poor quality go viral.

  • Carol

    I had the privilege of watching Miss Turner at an event in Dallas celebrating the Constitution not too long ago. I found her to be a very charming, confident and knowledgeable young lady. I am very impressed, but not surprised, that at the age of 14 she has written a book. She has my full admiration.

    • timlh

      Very nice 🙂

      I like nice.

  • Daron

    I believe Miss Turner should be applauded for writing a book on a subject she is passionate about. I hope this spurs other young people to learn more about our government and how it works.

  • Jocelyn White

    Whatever your beliefs are, you should be grateful for this document that created our great republic. It’s why we can each speak our minds and “beg to differ.” As for the attacks on this lovely and intelligent 14-year-old girl, you people have too much time on your hands and should do more about putting your own passions into actions. She should be applauded for her efforts (whether you agree with her opinions or not). We cannot afford a world in which our youth are afraid to express themselves and are too timid to stand out from the crowd. Who will lead if we discourage leadership?

  • Well done Juliette! I admire your passion for our Constitution! If only you could bottle your enthusiasm and distribute it to all the other kids in this country!

  • Robert in Washington

    Ok so the video isn’t award winning. So what? Seriously. In todays society and culture, for a young woman to skip mall hopping, hanging out, bullying others less fortunate boozing, bleefin a Jay and worshipping vampires, to write a book about the Constitution, well that give one hope.
    Clearly this blog is so “Christian” as to be quite the opposite. “Judgment is mine says the Lord.” oh yeah and this blog. How pathetic.
    Imagine all the hard work and research this young lady put in. Her heart and soul. And you attack. This is a young woman with honor and dignity and integrity and character and intelligence.
    Clearly blogger, these are qualities you lack. Whats your next blog topic, praising the gunman of Colorado for ridding the world of suspected heathen?
    Next time you want to attack anyone, aim lower, this young lady is out of your league.

  • Dawn Wood

    I highly respect any young person of today who contributes so positively to our culture. We need more youth to reach out and help educate their own generation, especially about our Constitution. I am impressed with Miss Turner’s enthusiasm and heart and encourage her to keep up the good work. I can’t wait to get her book and share it with my younger children.

  • Chris

    Juliette Turner is an outstanding patriot, student of the Constitution, citizen and author. While young in years, her knowledge of and unbridled enthusiasm for the Constitution and Declaration of Independence are amazing and are second to none. Our Constitution is the road map and blue print for our country, protecting the rights of citizens regardless of race, religion, political philosophy and economic circumstance. Very few, if any young or mature adults have the courage shown by Juliette. Our future is bright with people like Juliette. Keep up the great work Juliette.

  • Frank

    This is nothing short of bullying a young person. Shameful and hypocritical.

  • Lori

    Way to go Julia! More people need to recognize how important it is to know what our Constitution says! You are a very impressive 14-year old. We need more young people like you who care about our country, its foundation, and the rights that our founding fathers established for us!

  • Roxanne

    I commend Juliette for not only standing up for the principles our country was founded on but for even trying to educate other young adults in their own language. I’d put her up against any adult, young or old, on what the constitution says. So many people take it for granted all the rights we have. I think she has a lot of courage, knowledge & understanding of the importance of this one little document. Juliette kudos to you.

  • nathan G

    My mother called me and told me that a gang of so called Christians was bullying a little girl over her interests in the Constitution. I told her I didn’t believe it. Well I’m sorry to say I was wrong. Juliette, although we Christians are human, I’m sorry for some of the things that have been said about you. You are a bright young lady of courage and I hope that your focus on these things of substance will take you far.

  • Peter

    Isn’t there something in scripture about logs and cinders? Can’t believe that so many of you are so perfect that you can pick on a 14-year-old girl. She wrote a book. Good for her. What have you done Tony besides be snide on a web site I mean?

    • timlh


      isnt it?

      • Frank

        It moved from sad to pitiful long ago.

  • Evelyn

    For everyone’s information: Juliette Turner is Janine Turner’s (the actress) daughter and I have serious doubts as to whether she even goes to school. Her mother has used her celebrity status to start an organization called “Constituting America” ( ) and made Juliette the youth director of the organization. I think Juliette’s passion is more about self recognition and being a little spokes lady than it is about the constitution. I doubt she even wrote the book which, according to amazon, is aimed at 4-8 year olds. I don’t doubt that her mother has anticipated criticism and has mechanisms in place to protect her daughter. Fire at will I say.

    • Frank

      As always your claims are backed up by no evidence whatsoever. How embarrassing for you!

      • Evelyn

        Ok, Frank. Let me parse my comment for you.

        Claim 1: Juliette Turner is Janine Turner’s daughter.
        Claim 2: Janine Turner started an organization called “Constituting America” and made her daughter the youth director.
        Claim 3: The book was, according to Amazon, aimed at 4-8 year olds (Someone has since gone on the Amazon site and fixed the information).

        All of these claims are true so there is no reason for embarrassment. Everything else that I state in my post is couched in the language of opinion. Unlike you, I respect other people’s right to have their own opinions so I don’t regard my opinions as “claims”.

        How embarrassing that YOU can’t differentiate between fact and opinion. This must be why you sold all your possessions and gave your money to the poor and live under a highway overpass just like Jesus says to in the bible.

        • Frank

          Evelyn I feel sorry for you. You mak false and unsupported accusations and then dodge when you get confronted about it. No one is arguing the facts about who she is or who her parents are. What is so ignorantly ridiculous about your post is your assertions about where her passion lies, as if you could know, and her authorship of the book. You should be ashamed and embarrassed about your bullying lies but apparently you are not, which tells us all everything we need to know about you. So for that thank you!

    • Cathy Gillespie

      Hi Evelyn – Thank you for providing me the opportunity to brag a moment on my good friends, Janine & Juliette Turner, and the organization we run, Constituting America: http:/ I serve as co-chair of Constituting America with Janine, our founder.

      Janine’s passion since a very young age has been the United States Constitution and learning about our founding fathers, and the founding era of our country. She is very knowledgeable about our founding documents, including the U.S. Constitution and the Federalist Papers. You are correct that Janine is using her celebrity for a higher purpose – encouraging adults and youth to learn more about the U.S. Constitution and our country’s founding principles. Please visit our website at and you will see that Janine has created a multi-tiered effort involving some of the most respected constitutional scholars in our country, and you will see the passion and energy young people across America bring to our mission with their winning song, short film, public service announcement, speech, essay, poetry and artwork entries! You will see videos of Janine speaking to schools, and Patriots across the country holding Patriot club meetings where they learn about our founding documents.

      We are blessed to have Janine’s daughter, Juliette, as our National Youth Director. Juliette shares her mother’s love for our country, Constitution, and founding principles. She is the very best youth spokesperson we could possibly have. Juliette has written an incredible book – herself – about the U.S. Constitution, for kids. The reading level stated on the Amazon site is ages 8 and up (not ages 4-8 as stated in your post), and interesting enough for teens and adults! Juliette attends one of the most academically rigorous and prestigious schools in the country and makes outstanding grades. Juliette travels the country with her mom, speaking and encouraging adults and students to learn about the miracle of the United States Constitution, the oldest, continuously operating written Constitution in the world (also the shortest!) Juliette’s knowledge of the United States Constitution rivals any adult’s that I know.

      I respect your First Amendment right to voice your opinion, thoughts, doubts, and assumptions, and wanted to be helpful to you by clarifying your post with the facts.
      Cathy Gillespie

      • Evelyn

        Thanks for putting lipstick on the pig, Cathy. Without any background information many readers of this post might think that Juliette is just a regular middle-class kid (oh, wait a minute, American doesn’t have a middle-class anymore because of the trash that Fox News brainwashes them with so I’m not sure what middle-class means) who pulled herself up by her bootstraps out of passion for the constitution and wrote a book and made several appearances on Fox News just because everyone “cares” so much about the Constitution.

        I used to think people actually followed the Constitution when I was Juliette’s age but, as I’ve grown older, I’ve realized that our politicians are bought and sold and the only ideal they seem to follow is greed, for money and re-election, rather than the principals that our country was founded upon. However, if I hadn’t had a positive ideal (the belief that there were reasonable rules that people lived by) when I was growing up, I probably wouldn’t be the person I am today. It’s tough to decide whether we should teach our children values (because that would be our ideal world) or just teach them to follow the money (because that is the reality).

        Good luck with your constituting,

        • R. Jay Pearson

          Evelyn, don’t know why, but this post of yours had me laughing hysterically!!! “Thanks for putting lipstick on the pig, Cathy.” Much too funny!! Long LONG day here, and I guess I must be a little squirrely at the end of it. But thanks for sparking a much needed laugh at the end of an unusually odd day. 🙂

          (And WOW do people need to lighten up in here!!)

  • To this foreigner, the fixation some have on the Constitution of the United States looks an awful lot like idolatry.

    • Frank

      Just when you think the comments couldn’t get more idiotic….

    • Jordan

      After coming back to this post and seeing all the comments my reaction is:

      Wow, Americans really love their constitution, eh?

      • Read it like this, Jordan: Some conservative, homeschooling website told people to come here and defend Juliette and the book.

        • Jordan

          I could tell that was happening too, haha, not to worry. But I felt like I needed to air at least a little Canadian Confusion…that is, I felt I needed to make a comment so I could say “eh?”

          Though, because of the way we came into being as a country, our constitution is never related to like this. Such that, we don’t even have conservative homeschoolers to champion it. Although there are conservative homeschoolers, of course…

  • Nancy Arnold

    How wonderful that a teenager in today’s world knows about the Constitution, and is willing to face such mean-spirited criticism in order to stand up for our American spirit! As a school teacher I am aware of the lack of history and patriotism in our children’s education, and I think Juliette is a true Patriot, and hero for working so hard on behalf of America! If there were more young people like Julliette, our country would be a brighter, more promising place than what it now seems to be. HOORAY FOR YOU, JULIETTE!!!!!!

  • Wayne Nolting

    Actually, Juliette seems to be rather knowledgeable for her age. Perhaps video editing is not her strong suit, but does it really make you feel better about yourself to sit around and make fun of a 14 year old girl that wrote (what looks to be a pretty cool) book about the constitution and American exceptionalism and tries to get other kids interested too? Is that the “Christian” thing to do these days? Honestly, I hope that I one day have a kid who is half as interested in such things at 14.

    • Sundown

      Actually, “American Exceptionalism” (i.e. the idea that God likes Americans better than other humans) is an idea that definitely should be mocked.

      • lorenztl

        God does not “like” Americans “better”, nor is that “idea” “American Exceptionalism”.

  • Sara

    What adult filming this thought it was appropriate to put a young teen in heavy make-up and a low cut blouse?

  • Princella Smith

    It’s disappointing that people have taken to attacking a 14 year-old girl who is doing something positive. Whether you agree with what she is saying or not, she is promoting a positive message instead of acting inappropriately or mimicking the hyper-sexualized, crude, self-centered culture that has been thrust upon people in her generation–the millennial generation. Whatever happened to just applauding good kids for good behavior? When did people become so cruel. The larger issue is that this is a young lady who is aware of her surroundings and wants to make the world a better place–whether or not you agree with how she feels that should be done. I suppose all of the haters on this site would rather see her face buried into an iPhone texting nonsense and cryptic words to her friends than spending her time doing something constructive. Any adults attacking this 14 year-old should have their heads examined. I mean, really: find someone else to pick on…Perhaps check up on what your teen/pre-teen has been up to lately. You might be dismayingly shocked.