When Has God NOT Answered Your Prayer?

When Has God NOT Answered Your Prayer? July 27, 2012


The readers of this blog have been extremely helpful as I’ve worked through issues around prayer, in preparation for my next book, Why Pray? Thanks to those of you who answered Do You Pray? and for those who told me about a time when God Answered Your Prayer. (Those are still open, if you’d care to contribute.)

Now, I’m interested in hearing When God Did Not Answer Your Prayer? And also, what you did with God’s non-response? That is, how did you reconcile your understanding of God with God’s silence in the face of your request?

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  • I’m not sure if God is in the business of granting wishes, but I do not think I am able to know the answer to such questions. Perhaps I am being overly critical, or unfair, but it seems to me the traditional-modern view of prayer has greatly impoverished its meaning through its superficial egotistical practice. What should be a deeply profound religious experience has become, what seems to me, as “wish fulfillment”.

    I think until prayer is ACTUALLY taken seriously and understood in its proper context (as the act of approaching God), then the church will continue to neglect one of God’s most sacred gifts to mankind.