Has God Answered Your Prayer?

Has God Answered Your Prayer? July 23, 2012

Hundreds of readers weighed in on my question, Do You Pray? For that, I am very thankful.

As I continue to work on my book, Why Pray?, I’m wondering if God has answered a specific prayer of yours.

If God has, I’d love to hear the story. If you leave it in the comments of this blog, it’ll be public. If you share it in the embedded form here, it’ll be between you and me.

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  • Keith Rowley

    This comes down to faith doesn’t it? If you don’t bevieve God activly “does things” in the world “supernatural” or not then you won’t ever believe God answers prayers.

    It comes down to faith because there is no way to KNOW for sure if something that happens as an “answer to prayer” would have happened anyway even if we had not prayed for it.

  • Evelyn

    I think God actively does things in the world but I don’t think he “answers” prayers, per se. I think prayer is a form of positive thinking and motivation. If we want something, we pray for it. The thing we want doesn’t normally materialize by itself so we have to get up and do something to get it. This is our motivation to “do”. By the time we get done with our doing, we usually get something but it may not necessarily be the thing we prayed for in the first place. The probability that we will get the thing that we first desired has a lot to do with how “normal” it is to get that thing given the means we use to try for it. For instance, going to work in the morning is a prayer for money that will probably be answered with money. If we go to work in the morning and expect to get cake from our employer, that probably won’t happen unless it is somebody’s birthday.

  • Pax

    My life has been full of answered prayers, big and small (every time I fly, I pray the plane won’t crash – so far so good). If you’re looking for examples of prayers answered through demonstrably miraculous means, then nothing is going to pass the skeptic’s test.

  • Russ

    Interesting stuff! Can’t wait to read/hear about results and the various stories.