It’s Less Funny If He Dies

It’s Less Funny If He Dies August 15, 2012

So the guy who had the ill-fated anti-gay burning-Cheerios oops-I-started-the-lawn-on-fire protest at General Mills last week,

this guy:

died over the weekend of a heart attack,

making his #protestFAIL less funny.

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  • JPL

    At least he left a meaningful, loving legacy…

  • Well, at least he’s at peace now, from being an IDIOT!! God rest his soul 😉

  • Lorrie Fernet

    This is like last-month-compost heap news. What’s up with that? If you don’t cover the LGBT volunteer attack on the FRC, then you are full of it, man. The FRC is your domain to say something, as much as you cover the subject.

    • “Person with ties to the LGBT Movement shoots guard at FRC over ‘disagreement’ with said organization” doesn’t fit the narrative.

  • He should’ve eaten the Cheerios instead of burning them, considering they’re labeled as “Heart Healthy.”

  • Dave Burkum

    Nope. Still funny.

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  • It doesn’t only punish responsible owners, but also add to already overcrowded animal shelters that basically wind up killing the dog.