#progGOD Posts Coming Soon!

#progGOD Posts Coming Soon! September 1, 2012

Again, thanks to all of you who contributed to my challenge for progressive theo-bloggers to say something substantive about God. We received about 60 submissions, and they’re being curated into a page by Patheos for release early next week. You can read about it here first. 🙂

And, we’ve loved doing it so much that we’re planning on quarterly challenges for progressive theo-bloggers, to live under the #progGOD heading. Let me know your suggestions for future topics.

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  • Craig

    When I get to know a progressive religious person of any sort, one question that often comes mind is this: why not give up religion (entirely)?

    As a progressive non-religious person, this question is provoked by the feeling that a fellow progressive shares a lot of my own values and convictions. From my own perspective (my considered judgment really), the progressive can give up her religion without threatening what I take to be her most important values and convictions. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe the progressive Christian typically has important values or convictions that I cannot share as a non-religous person. If so, I’d like to identify what these are.

    I don’t intend this question as a challenge to get any progressive person to give up his/her religion. I’d hate the world to divide into religious fundamentalists and non-religious progressives. I’d even like to be a religious person myself, if there is enough of legitimate value that I am missing out on as an atheist. In fact I’d like to be a religious person simply so that I could tell my atheistic colleagues and my religious family members that I am “deeply religious”–and that I have good reasons for being so.

  • Last week at the Porch Doug asked if five people would spontaneously share for two minutes something that started “I know this to be true about God or the world or myself”. I shared that “i know this to be true – God brings healing from unexpected places” about how my daughter having recently been born en caul -a very rare thing signifying lifelong protection from God- was a tangible, comforting healing answer to my prayers of worry about raising a girl. And several others shared interesting truths from their lives as well.

  • Oh- and what I thought was so great about that kind of sharing we did in church in terms of progressive Christian thought is that it was refreshing to, in a progressive environment, talk in terms of our “truths” – a word less often used and something less often done in progressive Christian conversation. It was great!