The Questions that Haunt Christianity

The Questions that Haunt Christianity September 4, 2012

Today, we start a new series here at Theoblogy. It’s called The Questions that Haunt Christianity, and it will be my attempt — as a theologian — to address the issues that keep people from faith.

I’m not afraid of doubt. I, myself, am a doubter. But I consider a large part of my vocation as a Christian theologian to proffer intellectually honest answers to the big questions of faith.

So this series is for everyone who doubts. It’s for your friends who are agnostic and atheistic. It’s a place for them to email me a question, and get an honest answer — even if the answer doesn’t necessarily show Christianity in the best light. It’s a place for you to submit the biggest hurdle you have to fully giving yourself over to the Christian faith.

Here’s how it will work:

1) People will submit questions.

2) I will post the question here on Tuesday and open it up for conversation.

2a) Some weeks, I will appear on Doug Pagitt Radio on Wednesday to discuss the question with him and with listeners.

3) On Friday, I will post my answer.

4) Robust conversation will ensue.

So, if you’ve got a friend who struggle with the Christian faith, or if there are some hurdles you yourself have, send them in. Questions can be posted anonymously.

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