Jim Wallis, Rob Bell, and Gay Marriage

Jim Wallis, Rob Bell, and Gay Marriage April 29, 2013

Odyssey Network asked me what I thought of Christian leaders like Jim Wallis and Rob Bell coming out in favor of marriage equality now, after being silent (Bell) or against gay marriage (Wallis) in the past. Here’s my response:

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  • KentonS

    I used to hate that parable. Then I heard my pastor (at the time) say that the reason one hates that parable is because they relate to the guys who show up early. But we’re all they guys who show up late. At that moment the light went on and that parable went from “least favorite” to “most favorite.”

    We’re ALL the guys who show up late.

    Blessings to you, Tony.

  • The thought that came to you, regarding the parable of the workers, was brilliant!

  • Of course, some of us started making the case 17 or more years ago, losing ordination standing, friends, jobs. We’re just glad you all are finally catching up! 😉

  • Lars

    Awesome! It’s never too late to do the right thing.

  • Drew Sumrall

    Tony, there is STILL plenty of work and money to be lost . . .

  • I have advocated marriage equality for some time. As an evangelical, I did not always hold this view, and I did not come to the position early, but it has not been a recent development either.

    Since I was no longer a church leader, and was never a minister, my losses were not financial, but I have experienced strains in some important evangelical relationships.
    However, I am glad that Rob Bell and others have recently made their public statements. Perhaps they did not feel safe to do so earlier or maybe they have only recently come to their understanding.

    In any case, I am glad for their support. As the bandwagon gets underway, I hope all my evangelical friends find it in their heart to hop on–even to the latest of all.

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