How Much Do I Love Greg Boyd?

How Much Do I Love Greg Boyd? April 30, 2013

As much as you will after watching this:

HT: Keith DeRose

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  • jeffstraka

    That’s what he gets for “flipping the boyd” at god! 😉

  • Simon

    Christian sense of humor test.

  • Mich Barry

    Im just blown away by this………..

  • Hahahahahaha … For God so hated the world, that he . . . oh, wait . . .

    • Joel Kessler


  • My 8-year-old has that app on his iPod, and he loves it as much as Greg does!

    • Joel Kessler

      That’s right!

  • This could be the best 41 seconds of youtube viewing I have ever encountered.

  • I’m gonna miss Greg.

    • Joel Kessler


  • Lausten

    Still don’t care for the guy, but okay, that was funny.

    • I’m not a fan either.
      What about his teaching turns you off?

      • Joel Kessler

        He’s just too evangelical, and his Satan and demons talk weirds me out, but He’s better than John Piper and Mark Driscoll, I guess.

        • It’s good that he’s not a Calvinist and does all he can to oppose that insane theology. I’m not a fan of the open view of God.

      • Lausten

        I find him dishonest. He uses standard apologetics, but claims he has some new insight. He acts “hip” but it is just window dressing. I don’t do this much, so I hope Tony let’s it slide, here is a link to a longer discussion on a specific sermon.

  • Drew Sumrall

    I’ve spent some time flipping through that Bible–Lesea has offered it to donors in the past…he’s right, it’s garbage (but the name already kind of gives that away).

  • This entertains me greatly.

  • James Whitener

    Guess he needs a new head.

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