Marriage Equality and a Day of Celebration

Marriage Equality and a Day of Celebration May 13, 2013


Last night, Courtney and I were on hand to help our dear friend, Jay Bakker, launch the new Minneapolis site of Revolution Church.  You can hear Jay’s inaugural sermon, “Vulgar Grace Throws the First Stone.”

The photo above is a detail shot by Courtney of the rainbow communion bread that we contributed to the service. We baked that loaf — the same loaf that Courtney baked with our friends Rachel and Rachet for our (sacramental) wedding — in support of marriage equality. Jay has been an outspoken proponent of marriage equality and has performed several same-sex weddings. When he broke the bread last night, Jay told us to remember not just the broken body of Jesus, but also the broken bodies and spirits of many GLBT persons who have been persecuted for their non-heterosexuality.

Today, Jay and Courtney and I and several other friends will be going to St. Paul to hold vigil as the Minnesota Senate debates and votes on a bill opening marriage in our state to same-gendered couples. It is expected to pass easily (my senator has already emailed me to assure me that she will be voting for its passage), and to be signed into law by Governor Mark Dayton tomorrow.

Our gay and lesbian friends will be able to marry in Minnesota beginning on August 1.

In celebration of marriage equality being achieved this week in Minnesota, my ebook essay, There Are Two Marriages: A Manifesto on Marriage, is free for the next couple days. In it, I spell out my views on marriage, included the relatively unconventional view that the church should get out of the marriage business — or at least the legal end of that — and that clergy should stop acting as proxies of the state by signing marriage licenses. Click on the book cover below and start reading.

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