Two Podcasts, No Waiting

Two Podcasts, No Waiting June 24, 2013

I took some time away from the blog this weekend, due in part to a power outage caused by major thunderstorms in Minnesota. I also spent most of Saturday tracking down a swim raft from Craigslist, floating it into the lake, and subsequently vanquishing all comers who attempted to dethrone me as King of the Hill.

But we awake Monday to two Homebrewed Christianity podcasts featuring items of note:

On the lastest episode of Theology Nerd Throwdown, you’ll get to hear a recording of the new Contrarian Gameshow in which Bo threw out a statement, Tripp and I alternated on taking the positive and negative positions on the statement, and the other had to reply, “Au contraire, mon frere!” followed by an argument to the contrary. You’ll hear us each take positions that you might not expect.

On Homebrewed, the guys keep nursing the minor controversy that won’t die when they ask David Fitch about Rob Bell and Your Favorite Blogger. (See my arguments with Fitch here.)

Listen in, and let me know what you think.

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  • Ric Shewell

    Au Contraire Mon Frere is a game just for bros right? jk, too soon?

  • Just came back from several days in St. Cloud Minnesota (unplanned visit because my dad was very sick… been released now) but those thunder storms were absolutely ridiculous. So many trees snapped in half. Power companies driving in from all over the midwest to restore service, etc. Yikes! Hope it calms down a bit…