Bad Idea at Oral Roberts University

Bad Idea at Oral Roberts University August 22, 2013

So, it seems that in their exuberance about America, the brainiacs at ORU decided to release a bald eagle inside chapel this week. Also, the chapel has glass walls. Guess what happens next:

HT: Mark Riddle

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  • J.J.

    A bad idea, but It had nothing to do with “exuberance about America.” The obligatory USA chant was a result of the students seeing a bald eagle in flight. The school mascot is the Golden Eagle and they had a golden eagle and a bald eagle brought in by a conservation group to go along with the sermon. Thankfully the eagle was not hurt by the stupid stunt. I’m guessing they will be cancelling the sermon on the Lion of Judah.

    • Bahahaha!

    • Bummer! I for one would LOVE to see the Instagram video of THAT!

    • BrendtWayneWaters

      You have good ears. All I could hear was the chick yelling “OHMIGOD” as her reaction to *everything*. Good thing this wasn’t Quentin Tarantino University.

    • Makaden

      Tony, look at what you said:

      “So, it seems that in their exuberance about America, the brainiacs at ORU decided to release a bald eagle inside chapel this week.”

      Look, I’m a Fuller grad as well, not too long after you (2002). Just about done with my own PhD in the sociology of religion. But I want to encourage you to take a look at your style, man. You name-call, project your own interpretation onto the meanings of an event in order to condemn (implying jingoism on the part of ORU), and then don’t bother to even correct yourself when someone points out how wrong you were (commenter JJ).

      You need to settle down a bit. The whole self-promotion, drive-traffic-to-your-blog style is unbecoming of a Christ follower. And as a Fuller alum, I have to say its a bit embarrassing to me and casts a poor light on the school (Princeton maybe is more in line with that style).

      Chill out a bit and be more circumspect in your comments–slow to judge, ready to be corrected. Please. There are things to criticize about ORU. But there might be things you can like about Billy Wilson. And they are followers of Jesus. “Just sayin.'”

      • Craig

        “And they are followers of Jesus.”

        Does this give Tony more reason or less reason to criticize their buffoonery?

  • Ridiculous.

  • Erik Van Deusen

    It is also disturbing that the girl finds it funny to watch the bird fall to the floor.

  • Heath Johnson
  • J.J.

    Longer video showing the eagle was okay a bit more of the back story on the eagle named Louis:

  • Noahslowah

    Both cruel and stupid. and illegal. Did I say stupid?

  • Joy_F

    Isn’t that illegal? The bald eagle is endangered! Why???