Remember Phil Chalmers?

Remember Phil Chalmers? July 15, 2014
Public Speaker Phil Chalmers talks to Bowie Junior High seventh-graders about the consequences of bullying, Feb. 2, 2012, at the school in Odessa, Texas. Heather Leiphart/Odessa American/AP

I used to debate Big Phil at the National Youth Workers Convention, at least until the year that a member of his posse started shouting at me and grabbed a chair like he was going to throw it. I don’t think Phil got asked back after that.

Well, now Phil is the self-purported “leading expert on school shootings,” although he lacks any formal training…in anything. Self-promotion, however, is still in his wheelhouse, as Newsweek reports,

Chalmers also says he is in talks with a “major television network” about producing an Intervention-style reality show. He would introduce would-be killers—those who meet his criteria for homicidal risk—to incarcerated teen killers. The prisoners would then talk some sense into the troubled, but not yet homicidal, kids.

“The tentative title is The Teen Killer Whisperer,” Chalmers says. “It’s kind of funny.” (Chalmers asked that the network not be named, and a representative for the network did not comment at press time.) “We’re also pitching a book right now called See Spot Die,” he continues. “It’s on the connection between animal cruelty and homicide.”

Chalmers says his work has helped law enforcement avert many crimes, though he did not specify how many cases he was directly involved in. Without explaining how he gets the number, he says, “We’ve stopped over 200 school massacres since Columbine. Probably more.”

There’s more in the article, including a quote from YFB. If this causes any PTSD to youth workers out there, my apologies. 🙂

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