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Here’s a taste of what you’ll read in that book:

The Gospels differ somewhat on the details of Jesus’ crucifixion — in Mark and Matthew, he is abandoned; in John, his mother and others keep vigil as he dies. In Mark and Matthew, a fellow Jew mockingly offers Jesus some vinegary wine on a sponge; in Luke, Roman soldiers offer the wine; in John, an unspecified “they” offer it.

But in each, Jesus dies. Unequivocally. Even the apocryphal gospels, written in the second and third centuries agree on this:

Jesus died.

He died on a cross.

He died at the hands of the Roman Empire.

He died at the provocation of his coreligionists.

And in his death, the disciples’ hopes for a military-general-messiah were dashed. On Good Friday, all they’ve got is a dead messiah. In fact, they likely thought that they had a dead prentender-to-the-throne.

And, just as quickly as Jesus of Nazareth came to Rome’s attention, he was forgotten. Merely a blip on the imperial radar screen.

To his followers, however, his death had become an event of unparalleled importance, due primarily to his resurrection. As reported by three of the four Gospels, Jesus appeared to his followers in the days and weeks following his death, inciting them to interpret his death differently than every other crucifixion they had witnessed. It led them and succeeding generations to reinterpret the words he’d said predicting his death. They began to understand his death cosmically, and theologically.

They began to see his death as an act of God.

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  • pgregory70

    Is one guilty of murder if she/he watches while another is murdered and fails to intervene? Not sure if that’s your book’s focus, but it IS an interesting question. Looking forward to reading it.

  • Nathan

    Yay! I tried to fill out the form, but my email is already on file. So it won’t let me do it again.

  • What’s the release date? I’m totally looking forward to this in terms of “redeeming” the study of *ahem* Zealot my congregation did this fall. Are you going to make sassy videos answering readers’ questions? Because… yes.

    • Traci, it comes out on March 17.

      And, yes to sassy videos!

  • S_i_m_o_n

    ‘inciting’ seems a rather provocative word

  • S_i_m_o_n

    Luke 24 would suggest that Jesus instructed them as opposed to inciting them concerning the meaning of his death and resurrection.