Will Preach for Hunt

Will Preach for Hunt November 18, 2014

I spent last weekend in Huron, South Dakota. This is the second year in a row that I’ve hunted there and preached at Grace Episcopal Church, the result of a pleading post that I put up last year. The people there are fantastic — hospitable, warm, and friendly. I attended the “High Noon” lunch at the Masonic Lodge, I hunted with the town lawyers, a guy who works for the gas company, and my host, who is a land manager. And he’s so much more.

All that, I think, will be reflected on in a book I’ve just started writing on the spirituality of hunting and the outdoors life. If you want your faith community to make the book, invite me to hunt! 😉

This week, I’m headed to the meetings of the American Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical Literature, plus one day at the Evangelical Theological Society. If you’re going to be at any of those gatherings, track me down for a coffee or beer/whisky. I also hope to liveblog some of the sessions I’m attending, so theology nerds can really nerd out.

If you are going to AAR/SBL, be sure to attend the Homebrewed Christianity Live event on Friday night, where Tripp and I will be making a major announcement.

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  • KentonS

    Put my order in for one signed copy of that book for my avid hunting and fishing pastor.

  • Dusty L. Allison

    Your new upcoming book sounds fantastic!

  • debarca

    Debbie Tull from Patheos will be at the conference; she might look for you! She’ll be at the HarperOne event as well .. which i imagine you might be at. Wish i could be there for a whisky with tony…

  • Sarah Raymond Cunningham

    Lots of private land here in the mitten, bro. Pheasant ranch w/annual hunts nearby too: https://www.facebook.com/ringneck.ranch.llc?pnref=story