Keller and Kuyper – The Point

Keller and Kuyper – The Point March 28, 2017

Maybe they should rename their award. Princeton Theological Seminary just reversed the decision to recognize Tim Keller, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian in Manhattan, for his church-planting and public witness.

Seminary president, Craig Barnes, explained that awarding Keller the Kuyper Prize—named after Dutch theologian Abraham Kuyper, would imply that the seminary endorses Keller’s views on women’s ordination and LGBT issues.

The_Point_Patheos_HeaderAs a member of the conservative Presbyterian Church in America, Keller takes the historic view on sex and gender. For the liberal mainline Protestants at Princeton, that’s reason enough to blacklist him, with one writer for Christian Century calling his views “toxic.”

Now once again, who’s being intolerant here? The pastor who has engaged a liberal city with robust, orthodox faith, or the liberal seminary that withdraws an award because he doesn’t conform to their brand-new view on sexuality?

Even more bizarre, Kuyper would have shared Keller’s view. In other words, he couldn’t have won the award now named after him! Who are the real fundamentalists, here?

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