God is Punishing the United States: A Polemic

God is Punishing the United States: A Polemic June 30, 2023

divine wrath oil painting
Oil Painting by John Martin


It has been said that God has been punishing America because of its turn towards atheistic secularism. Throughout its history, this nation has been blessed by divine favor. However, since WWII, there has been a concerted effort by the evil one to convert the American people. It all began with Darwin’s influence in the public school systems, undermining the beauty of God’s creation story. As the old saying goes, you might have evolved from a monkey, but I was created by the hand of God. We successfully removed Darwin from American schools for four decades, erasing any mention of him from science textbooks.

The Devil then attempted to infiltrate America through communism, but our strength and unwavering commitment to biblical values allowed us to defeat his efforts. Stay vigilant and continue to uphold our values and God will bless us.

However, our fortitude would be challenged with the passing of Roe v. Wade. Just like Gehenna of old, we became a nation of baby killers. No doubt this was the turning point for our great land. We were starting down a path toward perdition and the only thing that could save us was humility and an understanding that God will forgive his people if they return to his will just as he did so many times for the nation of Israel.

But America didn’t turn towards God. Instead, we began to embrace secularism, and that resulted in a turn toward radical sinful behaviors like homosexuality. I don’t know if AIDS was a punishment from God for such depraved behavior, but not even that horrible disease could stop secularism from taking hold of us.

As a result of our unwillingness to turn to God and ask for forgiveness, he began to take away our influence across the world. Because of our aversion towards biblical values God took away our moral influence over the world. Sin was taking control over our country and we no longer enjoyed moral authority we once had.

In an attempt to completely destroy our faith in God, Satan sent Muslims to fly airplanes into our buildings. However, in their attempt to destroy our way of life, God still showed favor to us by sending George W. Bush to stop them. For 8 years our nation turned back toward God and the Lord was with us to help rid the world of extremism.

Since then our country has fallen away from God again. We have taken sacred practices like marriage and given it over to secularism. We have allowed the family to be destroyed for the sake of tolerance. We have allowed God’s image to be destroyed by allowing people to disfigure their bodies through sex changes. We have called the pinnacle of God’s creation, the human, bad by saying that the way a person is born is not good enough. All of this is the reason why our country lacks authority across the world and whose standing gets weaker and weaker by the day.

This is why God sent plagues like COVID to our land. This is why he has turned his face away from America. If we do not return to God his face will never turn back toward us. If we wish to hasten the return of our lord we will turn back toward him and the biblical values he has given to us.


You are correct, God is punishing America!


He is punishing us because we enslaved Africans for our own gain and like the Crusades forced them to convert to Christianity. You are right when you say that we have destroyed family values, which was illustrated when we took those slaves and separated them from their families. We separated brothers from sisters and children from their parents. We used the same flogging that was placed upon the back of Christ to beat and maim these people all for the sake of power and money.

Even more, we offered these Africans freedom only then to re-enslave them under Jim Crow laws. We gave them jobs and then snatched them back when they became too wealthy. We rounded them up like cattle in ghettos and prevented them from becoming a part of our society through redlining. We allowed our police forces to be the cowboys that helped to contain these people and we created laws to ensure they stayed contained.


You are correct, God is punishing America.


He is punishing us for disgracing the sanctity of life. We murdered hundreds of thousands of innocent Japanese civilians by dropping an atomic bomb on them. Not only did we murder these people but as a result, many of the survivors had children who were born with serious birth defects.


You are correct, God is punishing America.


He is punishing us because we have traded the love of Christ for the love of country – one gospel for another. Under the banner of spreading God’s love, we instead destroyed many indigenous people through their colonization. And we have made heroes out of these people who sacrificed their lives for the greater good of the American gospel.


You are correct, God is punishing America.


He is punishing us because we refuse to love those who may be different from us. We refuse to share the same grace with them that has been so lavishly given to us. We have not learned from the past. Instead, we live in a posture of arrogance just as the Pharisees did. We deserve the same rebuke they received. We have become the blind leading the blind. We require heavy burdens for those who are not even a part of the Church and yet we refuse to live by those same standards ourselves.

He is punishing us because we refuse to allow orphans to become a part of a family simply because we don’t agree with the parent’s sexuality. We believe it is better for a child to be alone than to be with people who can love them.


Woe to us who shut the door of heaven in people’s faces. Not allowing them to enter because they do not conform to our standards.

Woe to us for neglecting those who are hurting; those who need justice; those who need love and hope simply because of their race or sexuality.

Woe to us because we are a desolate people who clothe ourselves in grandeur and righteousness and yet we remain hollow and empty.

Woe to us for teaching these intolerant principles to those who are to follow. In doing so they are on the same path to hell as we are.


You are correct, God is punishing America.


But we are too blind to see why.


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