Only UNenlightenment Can Help You Find God

Only UNenlightenment Can Help You Find God November 3, 2023

UNenlightenment Eric English

Let me apologize at the outset. I admit the start of this article is a little self-serving but it adds important context for what I would like to say. Today is the anniversary of the release of my first book, UNenlightenment: A theological foundation for Deconstructing and Reconstructing the Christian Faith. The book was a 15-year project in the making. It was something that I wanted to publish more than anything because not only was there nothing else like it out there but I knew this could help mentor people through the oftentimes lonely deconstruction.

I did not do this project for the money. Anyone who has published can tell you how little you actually get from sales. Instead, I published this because I truly believe it can change lives. All of the things that are complained about on these progressive blogs can be mitigated through UNenlightenment.

Since its release, I have witnessed countless individuals and groups grow from using it to help provoke thoughts they were not used to thinking and providing perspectives many were unaware existed. I receive emails all the time from readers who tell me how they have become more Unenlightened.

Additionally, I expanded Unenlightenment by creating a user guide for groups as well as other great resources located on its website. I also have an Unenlightenment podcast that addresses important issues in our culture by trusted leaders within Christianity.

But Unenlightenment’s reach has been even more significantly expanded as I have recently partnered with my publisher Quoir to create an online course for those who want to go through deconstruction with me. That means not only is there a book to help mentor people through the process, but now I can do it personally with you. What’s more, I make myself available for anyone in the course to answer any questions they might have.

This is bringing deconstruction to a whole new level!


Why Unenlightenment is so important

Unenlightenment is the disposing of our modern philosophical presuppositions in order to allow for unobstructed thinking (as much as possible anyway). In other words, UNenlightenment is the deconstruction of our presuppositions. Even though we may go through deconstruction we are always at the mercy of our modern presuppositions unless we deconstruct those first. Otherwise, we are oftentimes beginning with faulty thinking before our deconstruction just as we did before.

When we are able to deconstruct our presuppositions our approach to understanding takes on a whole new meaning. For example, we often hear the word “orthodox” thrown around in Christian circles. What most people mean when they say a belief is orthodox is that the belief aligns with the doctrine established or inferred by the creeds and early tradition.

But that is not the purpose of orthodoxy. The purpose of orthodoxy is to preserve correct belief. Correct belief is not necessarily attached to the establishment of Christian beliefs by the Early Church Fathers. They were not immune to error. When we hold that the standard for orthodoxy should be whatever these Fathers believed we are not only admitting to beliefs that are in some cases erroneous but we are also constructing a system that is built upon a political framework that was packed full of presuppositions and cultural bias.

Instead, we need to look at the whole idea of orthodoxy differently. The orthodoxy we should seek is that which was established by Jesus. Imagine if theological orthodoxy meant a better understanding of how we can be healers. What does it mean to be a healer in today’s day and age? It means to be a humanitarian. It means to help build or support the creation of humanitarian infrastructures. In today’s day and age, the miracle is oftentimes brought about by science.

In order to look at orthodoxy differently we need to understand the biblical narrative and its purpose differently as well. The irony is that we are using modern biblical methods which are not orthodox to understand orthodox beliefs. Here are some things we need to do differently in order to reshape our perspective.

  1. The Bible is not a book (or even 2). The Bible is a compilation of sacred religious writings, biographies, histories, and other creative expressions spanning thousands of years. Just because it is put together in a single whole divided by chapters and verses does nothing but systematize and distort its purpose.
  2. Jesus was not the first Christian he was the Messiah. Believe it or not, Christianity is simply a form of Judaism. Jesus was a Jew. He did not come to create something new; he came to change Judaism. Even the Apostle Paul gets this in his letter to the Romans 11:1;11-12

    “I ask then: Did God reject his people? By no means!… Again I ask: Did they stumble so as to fall beyond recovery? Not at all! Rather, because of their transgression, salvation has come to the Gentiles to make Israel envious. But if their transgression means riches for the world, and their loss means riches for the Gentiles, how much greater riches will their full inclusion bring!”

    We tend to think that the Jews have to become Christian in order to be saved, but what if we have to become more Jewish? When we understand the Jewish Jesus as Messiah our whole perspective on both Jesus and the New Testament writings change. This is a context that is truly lost by our antisemitism. But it is a context that every New Testament writer wrote within.

  3. The New Testament should be understood in terms of an extension of the Hebrew Scriptures not superseding them. Delineation of the Old and New Testaments has done a significant disservice to our understanding of what the Bible is. It is not a book or rules or proof texts for our religious or political agendas; nor is it a metaphysical treatise on truth. Each writing should be seen as an individual piece of work (with the exception of the Torah). It should serve as a way to trace through history how God has revealed himself and what that means for how we can accomplish the Will of God even today. In this sense, Scripture is still being written because we are no less a part of the story than the biblical characters.


These are just a few of the perspectives that begin to change as we become more UNenlightened. What’s incredible about my book is that it is not just about clever insights like most books on deconstruction, but it takes you through all of the major doctrines of the Church and helps you deconstruct and reconstruct them with your new perspective. The book helps you think through the tough questions so that YOU can decide what is true.

Take a look for yourself over at Amazon. Read a sample and the comments I promise you it will be worth the purchase.

Also, consider signing up for the class. It is super affordable. DO NOT let COST stop you from signing up I care more about your spiritual health than money. If you are unable to afford the cost message me on FaceBook and I can work with you.

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