Reason Rally/American Atheists Conference [Index Post]

Reason Rally/American Atheists Conference [Index Post] April 8, 2012

A one-woman campaign to put your philosophical cards on the table

The weekend of March 24th 2012, a disputed number of thousands of people gathered in DC for the Reason Rally — a pro-secular extravaganza on the National Mall.  Many of us stuck around through the weekend to attend the American Atheists National Conference.  The posts collected below were inspired by events at one or both of these events.

  1. Now You See Me, Now I… What? — Ok, technically A Week (the come out as atheist on facebook week) occurred before the Reason Rally, but the problem of what atheist activism should look like comes up a lot in the subsequent posts.
  2. Snapshots from the Reason Rally — Exactly what it sounds like.
  3. Though This Be Contempt, Yet There is Method in it –Speakers at the Rally (especially Dawkins and Minchin) caught flack in the press for being ‘offensive’ and ‘aggressive.’  It’s a mistake for the press to represent these action as mere spleen, not tactics, but I have misgivings about their usefulness.
  4. Evangelicals Pitching Skepticism? — Street preachers thronged the Rally to try to convert atheists, and I was really surprised by one of their pitches.
  5. Sin isn’t Newtonian — Part two of debating evangelical street preachers: If there is a wound, there must be a way to heal it, they tell me.  I think this is fallacious reasoning, whether applied to sin or medicine.
  6. Fixing My Fights — I get a much needed lesson in humility when I meet some of my online sparring partners in person.
  7. Reason Rally Wrap Up — A few quick thoughts to close out the series, including the future of the secular movement and regretting what I wish for.
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