We have regular contributors to the blog but also welcome guest submissions on the subject of Unfundamentalist Parenting. Please take some time to read our posts to get a feel for what resonates with our audience.

  1. In the subject line of your submission email, write: “For Patheos:” followed by the title of your piece. (And give that title a lot of thought. Ask yourself, “Would I click a story titled that?” If not, keep thinking.) If you don’t include “For Patheos” in the subject, it’s likely your submission will get overlooked.
  2. Keep your piece 500 to 1,000-word words long.
  3. If you have a copyright-free image to accompany your piece, please include it with your submission, otherwise we’ll provide one. Minimum image size is 600 pixels by 300 pixels.
  4. We’re happy to publish work that you’ve previously published on your blog. If it worked for you then, it can work for us now. Please let us know where and when it’s been previously published.
  5. Along with your piece, send us whatever two-or-three line bio you’d like us to run at its conclusion, and if you’d like, a picture of yourself. Feel free to include within that little bio any links you want.
  6. To submit a piece for publication on the Unfundamentalist Parenting blog is to give us full permission to edit that piece in whatever way we deem necessary to maximize its impact and readability. If you have a problem with your stuff being edited, submit elsewhere.
  7. Email your submission to Cindy Brandt:
  8. We’ll try to get back to you regarding your submission within two weeks, and we often reply in a day or two. If, however, we fail in that, please take it as nothing more than evidence that we’re a whole lot busier than, frankly, we desire to be.