Much of Christian parenting resources come from the conservative end of the theological spectrum, particularly on parental anxieties about rescuing children from wayward sin. This results in an overly harsh, hierarchical, and authoritarian methods that look very little like the ways of Jesus.

Unfundamentalist Parenting seeks to address a new generation of Christian parents who are ready to pass on a faith free from the toxic elements of fundamentalism, including an image of a violent and punitive God, rigid gender roles, dogmatic doctrinal boundaries, a fear of the secular world, and and obsession with culture wars pandering to Right-Wing political agendas rather than the gospel.

We want to raise our children with the unconditional love, grace, and compassion exhibited in the person of Jesus Christ, and together with our children work out what it means to love mercy, act justly, and to walk humbly with our God.

We want to cut through the ideologies that have truncated the gospel into Four Spiritual Laws, and introduce a whole gospel to our children that captures their imagination for a better world – striving for economic equality, gender justice, liberation of the oppressed, environmental stewardship, and a spiritual vitality that empowers them into wholeness.

Unfundamentalist parenting is associated with Unfundamentalist Christians. You can find a list of “What we Believe” over at the UC Blog here.